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Articles from Washington Monthly (February 1, 1989)

1-30 out of 30 article(s)
Title Author Type Words
35 ways to cut the defense budget. Alter, Jonathan 1058
A kind word for the spoils system. Peters, Charles 746
A rebirth of virtue: religion and liberal renewal. Townsend, Kathleen Kennedy 740
Abolish the Fifth Amendment. Kaus, Mickey 351
All aboard air oblivion. Easterbrook, Gregg 2415
Black fear: law and justice in rural Georgia. Branch, Taylor 1021
Busting our mental blocks on drugs and crime. Lessard, Suzannah 311
Closing up bars and closing up shop on Monongahela. Ignatius, David 496
Community. Peters, Charles 1054
Criminals belong in jail. Bethell, Tom 858
Europe on $223 million a day. Nocera, Joseph 637
Firemen first or how to beat a budget cut. Peters, Charles 747
Have you got what it takes to write for the Washington Monthly? Levine, Arthur 668
Hello sweetheart, get me mergers and acquisitions. Weiss, Philip 1156
Industrial America's suicide pact. Keisling, Phil 851
Now you're thinking like a lawyer. Kinsley, Michael 1046
Pie-slicers vs. pie-enlargers. Reich, Robert 606
Putting yourself on the line. Peters, Charles 1302
Ralph Nader reconsidered. Rowe, Jonathan 490
So hard to remember, so easy to forget. Paddock, Elizabeth 216
Spy anxiety; the smart magazine that makes smart people nervous about their status. DeParle, Jason 6757
Surprise Attack: the Victim's Perspective. Summers, Harry G., Jr. Book Review 666
Taste, class, and Mary Tyler Moore. Lessard, Suzannah 466
The case against Joe Nocera; how people like me helped ruin the public schools. Nocera, Joseph 5651
The New Yorker Book of War Pieces. Schanberg, Sydney H. Book Review 2104
The Prince and his courtiers: at the White House, the Kremlin, and the Reichschancellery. Peters, Charles 2729
The worst city government. Boo, Katherine 294
What happens to a senator's day. Boyd, James 1164
Who's a snob and who's not. Fallows, James 719
Yes, but where are your credits in Recess Management 101? Ohanian, Susan 1170

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