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Washington Highway Patrol receives unique mobile range.

The Forensic Science Laboratory of the Washington State Highway Patrol has received a mobile ballistic test facility from Caswell International Corporation of Mineapolis, Minn.

The facility is an adaptation of the Road Range mobile firearms trainer and includes Caswell's patented rubber composite bullet trap, a calibrated target retrieval system, and a special ballistic recovery tank, pictured at left.

"The Washington State Police came to us looking for help," said Brain Danielson, Caswell's vice president of marketing. "They did not have sufficient space in their new Olympia facility to perform live-fire ballistic testing. We took our Road Range package that is normally used for qualification shooting and put together a system that is unique to the needs of the Patrol."

According to the Washington State Patrol. the 53-foot trailer will be temporarily located in Tacoma until the new facility is completed. The unit will then be parked adjacent to the building.
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Title Annotation:mobile ballistic test facility
Publication:Shooting Industry
Date:Sep 1, 1993
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