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Washington, Donna L. A Pride Of African Tales.

Washington, Donna L. A PRIDE OF AFRICAN TALES. Il. by James Ransome. ISBN 0-06-0249293. New York: HarperCollins, 2004. 80 pp. $25.99. The author has taken six folktales from various regions in Africa and combined them with vivid illustrations to create this beautiful book. The author's philosophy is that stories should be told, not simply read; therefore, she encourages the readers to tell the stories in their own special way. Each folktale in the collection teaches the audience a lesson. In "Anansi's Fishing Expedition," Anansi learns of the dangers of tricking people. A tale from the Congo, "The Boy Who Wanted the Moon," warns us of the consequences of being foolish. The third tale, "Shansa Mutongo Shima," teaches us the valuable lesson of not judging people based on their appearances. In "The Roof of Leaves," the audience learns of the importance and value of forgiveness. In "The Wedding Basket," we learn about taboos and how breaking a taboo can be very problematic. The final tale, "The Talking Skull," teaches the audience the valuable lesson of thinking before speaking. The beautiful illustrations in this book bring each folktale to life.

Melanie Friedman,

Toronto District School Board, ON
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Author:Friedman, Melanie
Publication:Childhood Education
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Dec 22, 2004
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