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Was the Euro cup final a success?; DAILY RECORD DEBATE.

Hampden Stadium hosted football's premier club event on Wednesday, and most Record readers said Glasgow did us proud. But there were dissenting voices over displays of sectarianism. Others were upset by the TV coverage

I came up from Ayrshire and the atmosphere in town was amazing. Euro cup final down, the Euro Championships next - Bobby Smith

Great game and a great party atmosphere at Hampden. Only disappointment was that match programmes had sold out when I got to the game - Alan Clark, Glasgow

Once again, Scotland has shown the world what a real party is like. Well done the Weegies - Deryk, Grangemouth

Was at game last night and the number of Celtic tops was an embarrassment. Can they not allow others to have their day? What was the tricolour about? - Mike Scales

Glasgow, you did us proud! England, were you watching? - I W

I watched the game on TV and I thought Glasgow did us proud - Stuart, Dumfries

No. Glasgow didn't do the final proud. The fracas in George Square over the Amstel hats was sadly typical of a city of beggars - Alan D'Ambrosio

I thought Glasgow put on a wonderful spectacle but was very disappointed with ITV coverage before and after the game - J Parker, Portpatrick

Glasgow staged a wonderful occasion, great atmosphere in the build-up and a sublime goal by Zidane! Downside was English commentator prattling on TV - D B, Alloa

The final was brilliant. Glasgow should be really proud. I was. - Bernard, Easterhouse

I love the Scots. They deserve to host Euro 2008 - Vic

Only we Scots could create an atmosphere like that! But no big screens and nowhere to watch the game with kids badly let us down - Ally G, Helensburgh

If only we could have got rid of the neds for the day! - J McGrane, Glasgow

I feel proud this morning to be a Glaswegian after the success of the final at Hampden. Is Glasgow now capital of Scotland? We even hold the Scottish Cup Final - P D

I was overjoyed to see Scots befriend the foreign fans. Maybe we should bring over Kosovar teams to encourage friendship with the refugees - John Montague, Renton

Last night proved Scotland and Eire would be well equipped to host the European Championships. I especially enjoyed the streaking. Ooh, cheeky - Stuart McRae

Glasgow, and indeed the whole of Scotland, should be proud. Surely this gives our 2008 bid a lift? PS: Tyldesley get your facts right before you open that big gub! - Martin Mann, Coatbridge

While the city itself was great, the Glasgow people did their usual. Scots so- called fans in George Square started singing disgusting sectarian songs. The night was not about the Old Firm - Neil, Coatbridge

Scotland should step-up their Euro 2008 bid for putting in a great effort in making Spaniards and Germans feel welcome for the Hampden final - John Bleasdale, Moodiesburn

Champions League final coverage a bit OTT - "ooh the whole world loves Scotland" kind of thing. But Scots aren't as welcoming to foreigners who move here to live - Greg

Fantastic atmosphere. Shame it's not the same when Scots play - Mary, Glasgow

Yes. Before and after was great but more could've been done during the game. Big screens? Anything in George Square? - G Hamilton

I thought Glasgow put on a wonderful spectacle but was I very disappointed by the TV coverage


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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:May 17, 2002
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