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Was Kuciak the victim of a group from Kolarovo?

A person charged with Jan Kuciak's murder talked about the poisoning of another journalist.The name of a journalist, working for the public-service broadcaster RTVS and private broadcaster TV JOJ, who suddenly died at the turn of 2016 and 2017, appeared in a resolution concerning the charges brought against controversial businessman Marian Ko#269ner in the case of the murder of Jan Kuciak.

The suspicion was voiced by Zoltan Andruskoacute, the website reported.

"Alena #91Zsuzsova#93 asked him #91Andruskoacute#93 in summer 2016 to take her to the forest where they collected the death angel mushroom," reads the resolution, as quoted by the website. "He said that a journalist, Mrs Ko#269kovi#269ova, was subsequently poisoned in late 2016." The first to report this testimony was TV JOJ, which did not initially name the journalist.

It did so only on March 25, when it contacted her husband. The person in question is Leona Ko#269kovi#269ova Fu#269iacutekova, who reported mostly about the events in Nove Zamky and other locations in the south of the Nitra Region.

Several independent sources have confirmed the information that the file contains her name to, adding that there is only a short mention about her.

Andruskoacute did not provide any further details.A sudden death during a ski tripKo#269kovi#269ova Fu#269iacutekova died suddenly at the age of 32, at the turn of 2016 and 2017. She was skiing with her family and nothing indicated that she had any health problems.

However, she noticed some bruises during dinner. She subsequently became sick.

After visiting the emergency department, they found she was bleeding into the brain. She died in the early hours of 2017."There was no autopsy," TV JOJ reported.

"Doctors closed the case by saying it was acute leukaemia, adding that the reason for her death was massive bleeding into the brain." The reporter's husband told the broadcaster that Ko#269kovi#269ova Fu#269iacutekova did not know Zsuzsova.

He also did not know about any threats or fears. The reporter did not deal with Ko#269ner's scandals either, Omediach.

com informed.Why did Andruskoacute talk about the poisoning?There are several possibilities as to why Andruskoacute talked about the reporter's poisoning, according to the website.

"Zsuzsova could have used the death to scare Andruskoacute, claiming that he could end up like her if he did not listen," said the broadcaster's reporter, Darius Haraksin.Moreover, Zsuzsova could have been interested in getting rid of Ko#269kovi#269ova Fu#269iacutekova, but the reporter died without her involvement.

"However, there is also a possibility that Andruskoacute's testimony is based on truth and Leona was really poisoned," Haraksin reported.Neither the police nor the prosecutor's office have commented on the case so far, Omediach.

com reported.TV JOJ has meanwhile contacted a hospital in Banska Bystrica, the Health Care Surveillance Authority, and forensic medicine experts.

The respective authorities are now trying to learn more about the reasons for the reporter's sudden death, wrote.

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Publication:Slovak Spectator (Bratislava, Slovakia)
Date:Mar 26, 2019
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