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Wart you need to know about treating verrucas.

Byline: Dr Anya Heywood

AS you all know, we're all about glamour and adrenaline in General Practice. This week it's warts and verrucas!

They are both caused by the imaginatively named wart virus, which is slowly infectious, so once you have one you may get more.

Anywhere where bare feet are let loose and wild can be potential places to pick up a verruca, so this includes swimming pools, changing rooms and the family bathroom.

When I was a girl I must have had about seven verrucas on each foot.

My dad was the one who patiently chipped away at them most evenings after bath time.

He would carefully apply a silver nitrate stick to them and then pop a plaster over the top.

He must've clocked up some long hours doing that because I Anywhere feet are let wild can be had them for ages. Thanks dad.

places to a Anyway, he did all this before I went on a Brownie camp one summer. The plasters remained welded to my unwashed feet for a week, festering in hot wellies round camp fires. On my return, we soaked the plasters off in a muchneeded bath and, ta-dah!

All the verrucas came away with the plasters!

We must have been ahead of our time, because nowadays sticking gaffer tape on a verruca is recommended as one of the options for getting rid of them. Strange but true.

where bare loose and potential pick up The main idea of all treatments is to wear off the top surface of the wart or verruca quicker than it can grow from the bottom. You can also freeze them yourself with some kits off the shelf or apply a daily gel.

They are equally effective as both will kill the top layers of the wart or verruca.

Every day you need to soak your hand or foot in warm water and rub that dead skin off with an emery board or foot file.

Then apply the gel/gaffer tape again and keep repeating until the verruca has gone. If your verruca is big or has been around a long time, it won't give up easily, so just keep going!

Doing nothing is in fact an option. Left long enough, the immune system will eventually get its act together and fight them off although this can take months, or even years.

So, if they aren't bothering you, you could just pretend they aren't there. I won't tell.

carefully apply a silver to them and plaster over up he before I Brownie with the plasters! We must have our time, is top wart or Anywhere where bare feet are let loose and wild can be potential places to pick up a verruca.

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Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Jun 26, 2017
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