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Warsteiner sales up again in 1st quarter.

Warsteiner Importers Agency announced that sales of Germany's Warsteiner beer reached a record high in the first quarter of 1992, shattering the sales in the samel period last year by 64 percent, a spokesperson noted.

"First-quarter U.S. sales of Warsteiner were significantly above our most optimistic projections," reported Warsteiner president Diane Fall. "As with other products in the past, Warsteiner has been the beneficiary of strong, effective word-of-mouth reputation."

Fall explained that during the first three months of 1992, sales of 12-oz. bottles in 6-packs rose 83 percent, while keg sales rose 62 percent. Additionally, sales of Warsteiners five-liter "partykegs" rose 53 percent, while individual half-liter bottle sales increased 20 percent over the corresponding period last year.
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Title Annotation:Warsteiner Importers Agency
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:May 18, 1992
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