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Warsteiner breaks old U.S. sales mark.

Fighting against a 10-percent overall decline of beer imports to the United States, Warsteiner Importers Agency, importer of Warsteiner beer, reported record sales during 1991.

According to Diane Fall, Warsteiner president, "19191 sales of Warsteiner beer in the United States rose an impressive 28 percent when compared with 1990 sales. The fact that both the general and the German import markets reported declining sales during 1991 gives an added emphasis to our exciting sales picture.

"Many people ask me why we are doing so well," Fall continued. "The best way I can explain our success is that there is a very quiet elegance about the Warsteiner. It is similar to driving a Mercedes or Porsche - you don't have to say much because everyone recognizes quality - and Warsteiner is quality. We do not advertise or promote heavily like the massmarket beers. We simply present the best and the beer says the rest."

During 1991, case sales of Warsteiner increased 38 percent, while the brand's half-liter bottle sales rose 71 percent, Fall explained. Additionally, draft sales increased 11 percent during the year.

"As the sales of Warsteiner continue to grow at record rates in the United States," Fall concluded, "we will see large percentage increases for the various available packages."
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Title Annotation:Warsteiner Importers Agency
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Mar 16, 1992
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