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Warsteiner adds another brewery.

Warsteiner adds another brewery

Warsteiner Brewery, of Warstein, Germany, announced the purchase of the 630,000-barrel Paderborner Brewery in nearby Paderborn.

"The intention of the brewery in Warstein is to continue to brew only one product, the very popular Warstein pilsner, while at the same time using the new facility at Paderborn for diversification of the product line," explained Warstein Importers Agency president Diane Fall when announcing the brewery purchase to the United States.

According to Fall, "The Paderborner facility will continue to produce several of the brands it produced prior to the takeover, including Isenbeck, Paderborner, Weissenburger and Kloster Alt brands.

"Warsteiner has announced plans to build the Isenbeck brand to become a national brand with distribution throughout Germany. The other brands will be promoted, in keeping with their popularity, as beers of significant regional importance within Germany," Fall continued.

Fall also explained that Warsteiner's commitment to produce the best beer led them to discontinue the production of the Paderborn brands sold mainly in German discount chains.

"Our commitment is to quality," Fall said, "and the capacity made possible by discontinuing certain brands will allow us to introduce both a light beer as well as an alcohol-free beer during 1991."

Warsteiner plans to expand the Paderborner capacity by nearly three-fold to 1.68 million barrels. "This acquisition will allow Warsteiner to be much more flexible to the demands of the expanding European marketplace, especially considering the opening of European borders," Fall said.
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Title Annotation:Warsteiner Brewery
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Mar 4, 1991
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