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Warriors In The Storage Management War.

Editor's Note: The vendors represented below were present at Networld+Interop 2000.

The storage management software market surged forward in 1999 with a 47% increase over 1998, its new license revenue reaching a cool $4 billion plus. Dataquest predicts the move won't stop any time soon with revenue forecast for $14.7 billion in 2004.

Why the rush? As companies produce more and more data and transactions through e-commerce, data warehousing, and financial online transaction processing, IT departments find themselves overwhelmed. Users cannot find or retrieve data. There's information--loads of it--but little way to access it because the great piles of data shouldn't bog down the application servers and, with growing 24x7 demands, who can afford to slow the network down--or bring it down entirely--to back it up at night?

Software companies of all sizes are jumping to provide not only storage devices, but also storage management tools at the desktop, departmental, and enterprise levels. SAN software products have been particularly important in the high stakes rush to market.

Fred Moore of Horison Information Strategies and the Editor-in-Chief of storage here at CTR said, "The true SAN market, in particular, is growing no faster than the pace that SAN management software becomes available."

Four vendors won big in the 1999 storage management market, according to Dataquest: 1. EMC at 18.2% market share. 2. IBM/Tivoli at 17.3%. 3. Computer Associates at 16.4%.4. VERITAS at 12.1%

EMC Leads The Charge

EMC led the field in storage management at the midrange and enterprise levels. It effectively entered the midrange market last year by acquiring Data General Corporation and its Clariion devices, but its core business remains, providing enterprise solutions at large corporations. The growth in this market largely centers on ever-growing Internet data generation and transactions.

EMC's new suite of storage software products, released on April 25, focuses on both markets with its Symmetrix and Clariion support (See "Will Escape Velocity Put EMC Storage In Orbit?" on pg. 26 in the May issue of CTR). Called EMC E-Infostructure Suite, it delivers a centrally managed, scalable information infrastructure. The suite includes:

* EMC ControlCenter centralizes a management framework for monitoring and controlling customers' information infrastructures. Operated from a single user console, it works either locally or over the Internet. EMC integrated their Navisphere Manager software so ControlCenter also provides a centralized point of management for the midrange Clariion systems.

* EMC SRDF maintains a duplicate and accessible copy of customer information at a secondary system. In addition to IP support, new SRDF capabilities include Fibre Channel support for enhanced data replication and open systems consistency groups, including databases residing on multiple Symmetrix systems.

* EMC Time-Finder creates smooth copies of production data to be used for backups, data warehouse loading, decision sup port applications, and other activities that require copies of data. TimeFinder can make multiple copies, allowing users to maintain several daily versions of data.

Other suite elements include CopyCross for MVS, InfoMover, Access Logix, and Application Transparent Failover. EMC has also entered into a partnership with VERITAS to provide the EMC Foundation Suite, which allows the user to integrate EMC TimeFinder with VERITAS' Volume Manager and File System. This allows Symmetrix volumes to be enlarged online.

IBM/Tivoli Concentrates On Revenue Opportunities

Tivoli is concentrating on a data storage approach, which offers not only information access to the user community, but also growing revenue opportunities in e-commerce. Their Tivoli Storage Management Solution provides a comprehensive SAN management solution featuring multi-vendor tape resource sharing and LAN-free data transfer over traditional IP and Fibre Channel networks. Planned enhancements will include disk and data sharing.

Tivoli Storage Manager 4.1 enables users to offload large volumes of data from LANs. It contains adaptive differencing technology and LAN-free client data transfer, while also integrating automated network backup, restore and archive, storage management, and disaster recovery functions. It is integrated with Tivoli Decision Support for Storage Management Analysis, which provides event performance, general health reporting, and analysis and incorporates EMC's TimeFinder.

Tivoli SANergy File Sharing enables simultaneous shared SAN-based storage arrays, file systems, and files across multiple systems. When used in conjunction with Tivoli Storage Manager, it supports both LAN-free and serverless backup across a SAN.

Tivoli Net View SAN Extension Toolkit enables monitoring and managing IP and SAN networks from a single console. A number of Tivoli Ready Partners have integrated the Toolkit into their products, including Brocade, Gadzoox, and Vixel. Other products include Data Protection for Workgroups, Disaster Recovery Manager, Data Protection, and Space Manager, which uses Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) to automatically migrate rarely accessed files to storage. Tivoli has launched its Information Integrity Initiative based on its storage management solutions and has recently partnered with EMC Corporation to integrate Tivoli Storage Manager with EMC's Symmetrix Enterprise Storage systems and software, including EMC TimeFinder.

CA's One-Stop Shopping With Unicenter

Computer Associate's Unicenter TNG, introduced in 1997, is a comprehensive enterprise management environment with a framework-based architecture and a bewildering amount of modules (80+ management modules alone). If there is such a thing as one-stop shopping for the enterprise, this may be it.

The Framework itself is included in CA's IT products, including ARCserveIT, its network backup and recovery solution. CA has now added SAN management capability to the Unicenter TNG Framework. Working in conjunction with ARCserveIT, the Framework offers enterprise discovery for SAN devices and other networked objects on an IP or IPX network, supports SNMP for alert traps and event management, offers a single point of control and management via 2-D or 3-D GUI, provides event management with calendars to define date-based and time-based policies, and manages DMI 2.0 compliant servers. SAN-enabled ARCserveIT continues to enable protection for essential data, hot database and messaging, nonstop application and server availability, and data management tools.

CA has also introduced a SAN strategy called SANITL, Storage Area Network Integrated Technology Initiative. SANITI emphasizes a migration path to the Enterprise Managed SAN through CA's present solutions and solution architecture, its present and future work with industry partners and the growth of SAN standards.

VERITAS' Virtualization And LAN-Free Tool

VERITAS is impacting the Storage Area Network sector with its collection of SAN management tools, concentrating on online SAN virtualization, heterogeneous clustering, LAN-free backup, and Hierarchical Storage Management.

VERITAS Volume Manager (VxVM) virtualizes and centralizes storage resources over a SAN. Storage virtualization is the process of organizing multiple storage devices into logical or "virtual" entities. This allows users to more easily control and retrieve data without having to manage individual disks. Though Volume Manager has been available on the Unix platform for some time, VERITAS has just recently announced platform availability on Windows NT and Windows 2000, including Volume Manager for Enterprise Windows Environments.

VERITAS BackupExec (NT/Netware) and NetBackup (NT/Unix) offer LAN-free backup, backing up data to tape using the SAN topology instead of LAN resources. There are four primary benefits to LAN-free backup, including multiple servers sharing tape libraries, minimized disruption and increased performance by moving backup duties from the LAN, and an automated backup process with intelligent scheduling.

VERITAS ClusterServer allows users to create 32-node application fail-over clusters in a SAN environment. This enables applications to fail-over from one server to any other in a server farm and to re-map the application data to the new server, avoiding the necessity to replicate the storage to every server. ClusterServer is available for Solaris and HP/UX with an NT version coming out early 2000. VERITAS also offers Storage Migrator to deliver a more affordable LAN-free HSM for non-enterprise environments.

No Overall Winners... Yet

EMC, Tivoli, CA, and VERITAS all have good market penetration in the storage management market, particularly in the growing SAN arena, but they've hardly got the lock on it, with BMC coming in at a healthy 5.6% and remaining vendors sharing 30.4% of 1999's revenues. Partnerships and acquisitions will become increasingly important as companies seek to bring storage management products to market, as will the necessity of true SAN standards for enterprise and e-commerce computing.

"Vendors playing in the same space as the top-tier vendors will need to have geography, industry, or application focus," said Carolyn Di-Cenzo, chief analyst for Dataquest's Network System and Storage Management Software Worldwide program.

Add to that a good acquisition strategy for smaller vendors, as in, "Who will acquire us first?"
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