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The dangers of not smoking: as with other strains of puritanism through the ages, the stop-smoking inquisition may well be connected to the crisis of our times. Jul 30, 2007 716
Cool it, already: Prime Minister Harper's new green frenzy couldn't be more misplaced. Jul 2, 2007 707
Important distinctions: political correctness actively discourages exactly the sort of analysis we need to assess terrorist threats. Jun 18, 2007 705
Following the leaders: the very success of the more heroic world statesmen of today pretty much ensures more placid ones tomorrow. Jun 4, 2007 717
Defenceless: wilful naivete and ideological posturing have prevented us from thinking through the gun issue sensibly. May 21, 2007 719
The church of liberalism: no one is more fanatic than a fundamentalist liberal. May 7, 2007 702
The right stuff: what does it mean, really, to be 'conservative'? Apr 23, 2007 712
Hardening hearts: of course misandry hurts men. But it hurts women, too. Apr 9, 2007 709
Are we finally getting it? There will be no order in the Middle East, until we impose it. Mar 26, 2007 679
Beauty in the eye of this beholder: North America's totalitarian feminism has resulted, unfortunately, in both degendered career women and tarty teens. Mar 12, 2007 708
A deadbeat writes: the revolution against decency continues unabated. Feb 26, 2007 699
Remembering to laugh: recovering the health of western civilization will require a renaissance in our sense of humour. Feb 12, 2007 697
Scared into our wits: the real threat to the West is our refusal to face reality. So there is cause for hope in what we have to fear. Jan 29, 2007 699
Postmodern dehumanism: politicians cannot be expected to repair a culture that has been sliding for over 40 years. Jan 15, 2007 693
The hollow stare on the happy face: western civilization faces a real enemy in radical Islam, but the real problem is its habit of cutting and running. Dec 18, 2006 704
Countdown to 1975: with the U.S. mid-term election results, the American elite will reassert its commitment to 'peace at any cost'. Dec 4, 2006 710
Appease in our time: the defeat inflicted on America in Vietnam by its own media may now be repeated in Iraq. Nov 20, 2006 704
What sheep long to become: in kitchens with stainless steel appliances and granite countertops, why is there no mutton? Nov 6, 2006 691
Planning the counter-revolution: how can the debate over same-sex marriage be done when its damage to society continues to multiply? Oct 23, 2006 691
Many faraway quarrels: our national debate shouldn't be about leaving Afghanistan, but about taking the fight to more places. Oct 9, 2006 697
The subjectivity of objectivity: forget the journalistic ideal. Objectivity is just a pose with an agenda behind it. Sep 25, 2006 691
The positives of powerful thinking: we rely on public intellectuals to rise above academics and journalists to give issues the analysis they deserve. Sep 11, 2006 696
A moderate influence: Americans love Khalid Abou El Fadl's positive spin on Islam. Too bad the fanatics don't read his books. Aug 28, 2006 698
Thanks to Israel: fighting off the global Islamic jihad isn't an easy task. We should be grateful the Jewish state is doing what it can. Aug 14, 2006 683

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