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Aviation:Ship AVR-2B Security Key With Comparator Module. Feb 3, 2021 530
DAM SPILL: What are the factors to open the gates to release water? Nov 27, 2020 1623
Expand and upgrade early flood warning systems, says OCD. Nov 16, 2020 610
Duterte calls for enhanced multilateralism, early warning systems. Nov 15, 2020 593
Why switching OFF the emergency alert on your phone is not a good idea. Nov 11, 2020 567
Guide supplies the IR Fever Warning Systems across Canadian Schools in the fight against COVID-19. Sep 3, 2020 208
Guide supplies the IR Fever Warning Systems across Canadian Schools in the fight against COVID-19. Sep 3, 2020 212
Guide supplies the IR Fever Warning Systems across Canadian Schools in the fight against COVID-19. Sep 3, 2020 214
Intelligent Wireless Sensor Networks for Early Fire Warning System. Onal, Atif Fazil; Ulver, Burak; Durusoy, Alper; Erkmen, Burcu Report May 1, 2020 3961
Automotive Lane Warning Systems Market Highlights to 2025: Recent Trends, Industry Growth And Top Manufacturers Analysis / Radiant Insights, Inc. Jan 24, 2020 923
The Crane Safety Equipment Offered by Crane Warning Systems Atlanta Reduces Construction Accidents. Jan 13, 2020 385
Terrain Awareness and Warning Systems (TAWS) Market Research Methodology Focuses on Exploring Major Factors Influencing the Industry Development 2019-2023 / Radiant Insights, Inc. Nov 29, 2019 881
Vehicles' Pedestrian Warning Systems Need Improvement, Says IIHS. Andrew G. Simpson Oct 29, 2019 504
Making sound without noise. Sep 1, 2019 1513
DPM calls on agencies involved in disaster management to fine tune early warning systems. Aug 24, 2019 407
Spectur explores new markets in monitoring and warning systems as new MD takes the helm. Aug 1, 2019 202
PAGASA enhances capabilities in flood forecasting, warning systems. Jul 14, 2019 377
Corrosion proof warning devices from E2S. Jun 12, 2019 391
Cyclone warnings ignored. Kabukuru, Wanjohi May 1, 2019 1746
DPWH stresses need to put up road warning devices at job sites. Apr 24, 2019 424
Myanmar: India funds flood, earthquake warning systems. May 7, 2018 256
March 22, 2018 Webinar on Remote Patient Monitoring at UPMC: Creating Early Warning Systems to Reduce Unplanned Healthcare Utilization. Feb 23, 2018 509
U.S. Ambassador launches National Early Warning Systems Project, funded by USAID. Oct 20, 2017 346
Intersection conflict warning system human factors: final report (Report) publication number: FHWA-HRT-16-061. Brief article Jul 1, 2017 242
An innovative android application for maritime border alert system. Kowsalya, G.; Palani, U.; Hemalatha, P. Report May 1, 2017 2726
Inflight Warning Systems Rapidly Growing with Cathay Pacific Partnership. Apr 29, 2017 618
Rock Falls Impacting Railway Tracks: Detection Analysis through an Artificial Intelligence Camera Prototype. Fantini, Andrea; Fiorucci, Matteo; Martino, Salvatore Report Jan 1, 2017 5316
Early warning systems have grown more sophisticated: UN Secretary-General. Nov 5, 2016 823
Safety evaluation of Intersection Conflict Warning Systems (ICWS) (Techbrief) Publication Number: FHWA-HRT-15-076. Shuler, Lisa A. Brief article Sep 1, 2016 226
Pakistan asked to upgrade flash floods guidance system. Brief article Jan 17, 2016 186
HPWREN, Seismic Warning Systems pioneer earthquake notifications for Californians. Oct 6, 2015 285
HPWREN, Seismic Warning Systems pioneer earthquake notifications for Californians. Oct 6, 2015 272
HPWREN, Seismic Warning Systems pioneer earthquake notifications for Californians. Oct 6, 2015 285
Katrina's legacy: refining forecasts: 10 years after hurricane, storm warnings have improved. Sumner, Thomas Sep 19, 2015 1205
UN for warning systems. Aug 15, 2015 349
What Will Flood Warning Systems of the Future Look Like?. Jun 13, 2015 319
Comparing Methodologies for Developing an Early Warning System: Classification and Regression Tree Model versus Logistic Regression. REL 2015-077. Koon, Sharon; Petscher, Yaacov Report Feb 1, 2015 392
A Practitioner's Guide to Implementing Early Warning Systems. REL 2015-056. Frazelle, Sarah; Nagel, Aisling Report Jan 1, 2015 310
Is "moneyball" the next big thing in education? Educators should approach early warning systems thoughtfully and with caution. Soland, Jim Dec 1, 2014 2431
Facebook is our biggest nemesis. Panovich, Brad Brief article Nov 1, 2014 190
ContiTech warning systems increase conveyor belt safety. Aug 1, 2014 408
Quake Warning Devices Placed in New Zealand Ocean Floor to Study Potential Magnitude 9 Earthquake. May 12, 2014 385
Dangerous waters: students invent a high-tech warning system to protect swimmers. Adams, Jacqueline May 1, 2014 978
OneRain Announces Sponsorship of ALERT Users Group 25th Flood Warning Systems Symposium. Apr 6, 2014 388
Tweeting sharks. Brief article Feb 3, 2014 142
Flood early warning systems; knowledge and tools for their critical assessment. Book review Aug 1, 2013 131
Tsunami warning systems installed in Oman. May 7, 2013 257
Tsunami warning systems installed in Oman. May 5, 2013 272
Texting sheep. Brief article Mar 1, 2013 119
Major project for upgrading the flood forecasting, early warning systems being implemented. Oct 4, 2012 143
Supporting Early Warning Systems: Using Data to Keep Students on Track to Success. Data for Action 2012. Report Jan 1, 2012 196
Warning devices stolen. Oct 20, 2011 149
Surveillance technologies and early warning systems; data mining applications for risk detection. Book review Feb 1, 2011 150
Alert system to detect possible school-based outbreaks of influenza-like illness. Mann, Pamela; O'Connell, Erin; Zhang, Guoyan; Llau, Anthoni; Rico, Edhelene; Leguen, Fermin C. Report Feb 1, 2011 1591
Investigation of strain measurement method with balancing currents/ Deformaciju matavimo balansuojant sroves metodo tyrimas. Masiulionis, Ricardas Report Jan 1, 2010 1891
Heads up!; early warning systems for climate, water and weather-related hazards. Book review Sep 1, 2009 135
Excerpts from Get Ready essays. Excerpt Jun 1, 2009 264
Seeing red means danger ahead. Ornes, Stephen May 13, 2009 534
Scientists seek warning systems that accurately estimate a quake's magnitude. Jan 31, 2009 303
Selecting a mass-notification solution. Brown, Edward, III Nov 1, 2008 2155
Three new gadgets in today's marketplace. Buyers guide Oct 1, 2008 341
Rhode Island updates notification system. Gormsen, Lia Brief article Oct 1, 2008 156
NHTSA releases report on warning system for road departure crashes. Brief article Sep 1, 2008 245
Early warning systems: scorecards that save lives. Report Apr 1, 2007 1093
Life thrives at polar 'space base': extreme cold, ice, darkness challenge Airmen. Tolzmann, Michael Mar 22, 2007 1487
Aircraft News. Brief article Sep 11, 2006 212
Monitoring by telephone. Brief article Sep 1, 2006 110
Former NTSB chairman says technology could have saved Comair flight. Brief article Sep 1, 2006 138
Bioterror focus changing public health systems. Gips, Michael A. Brief article Sep 1, 2006 301
Airport warning system cannot be counted on - claim. Brief Article Sep 14, 2005 254
Simulation for assessing statistical methods of biologic terrorism surveillance. Kleinman, Ken P.; Abrams, A.; Mandl, K.; Platt, R. Aug 26, 2005 4597
An evaluation model for syndromic surveillance: assessing the performance of a temporal algorithm. Buckeridge, David L.; Switzer, P.; Owens, D.; Siegrist, D.; Pavlin, J.; Musen, M. Aug 26, 2005 4541
Initial evaluation of the early aberration reporting system--Florida. Zhu, Yiliang; Wang, W.; Atrubin, D.; Wu, Y. Aug 26, 2005 5129
Deciphering data anomalies in BioSense. Sokolow, Leslie Z.; Grady N.; Rolka, H.; Walker, D.; McMurray, P.; English-Bullard, R.; Loonsk, J. Aug 26, 2005 4424
Syndromic surveillance on the epidemiologist's desktop: making sense of much data. Hurt-Mullen, Kathy J.; Coberly, J. Aug 26, 2005 2906
Connecting health departments and providers: syndromic surveillance's last mile. Daniel, James B.; Heisey-Grove, D.; Gadam, P.; Yih, W.; Mandl, K.; DeMaria, A., Jr.; Platt, R. Aug 26, 2005 2757
Comparison of syndromic surveillance and a sentinel provider system in detecting an influenza outbreak--Denver, Colorado, 2003. Ritzwoller, Debra P.; Kleinman, K.; Palen, T.; Abrams, A.; Kaferly, J.; Yih, W.; Platt, R. Aug 26, 2005 3834
Emergency department visits for concern regarding anthrax--New Jersey, 2001. Allegra, Paul C.; Cochrane, D.; Dunn, E.; Milano, P.; Rothman, J.; Allegra, J. Aug 26, 2005 3628
Hospital admissions syndromic surveillance--Connecticut, October 2001-June 2004. Hadler, James L.; Siniscalchi, A.; Dembek, Z. Aug 26, 2005 2954
Three years of emergency department gastrointestinal syndromic surveillance in New York City: what have we found? Balter, Sharon; Weiss, D.; Hanson, H.; Reddy, V.; Das, D.; Heffernan, R. Aug 26, 2005 4627
Three stages of evaluation for syndromic surveillance from chief-complaint classification--Pennsylvania and Utah. Chapman, Wendy W.; Dowling, J.; Ivanov, O.; Olszewski, B.; Wagner M. Aug 26, 2005 668
Roads: another pair of eyes for drivers. Brief Article Jul 1, 2005 122
CSX and New York settle, with mixed results for rail safety. Jablow, Valerie May 1, 2005 776
Ocean of sorrow: one of the worst natural disasters ever sparks the largest relief effort in history. McCabe, Suzanne Jan 24, 2005 596
Attendo Identicom and Voice Connect reveal ID badge for staff working alone. Brief Article Oct 15, 2004 188
Early warning system for storage applications. Brief Article Jul 1, 2004 109
Conceptual issues in the study of dynamic hazard warnings. Meyer, Joachim Jun 22, 2004 5683
Imperfect in-vehicle collision avoidance warning systems can aid drivers. Maltz, Masha; Shinar, David Jun 22, 2004 5392
Effect of electronic ANR and conventional hearing protectors on vehicle backup alarm detection in noise. Casali, John G.; Robinson, Gary S.; Dabney, Erika Christian; Gauger, Dan Mar 22, 2004 5019
Seeing crosswalks in a new light: FHWA is testing in-pavement flashing warning lights at a pedestrian crossing in a Virginia community. Miller, Sheryl; Rousseau, Gabriel K.; Do, Ann H. Jan 1, 2004 1753
Evaluation of Calhoun County's outdoor warning system. Gosnold, Laura K. Brief Article Apr 1, 2003 152
Kolchuga system sold to Iraq? (EC Monitor). Fiszar, Michael; Gruszczynski, Jerzy Nov 1, 2002 687
U-M researchers work toward 'early warning' system. (Presstime Notes). Brief Article May 1, 2001 299

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