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Warning on faith schools.

TEACHERS have been warned that the issue of exclusive faith schools could yet impact on Wales.

Association of Teachers and Lecturers' Welsh spokesman Vaughan Richards said that although exclusive faith schools were not something that had yet been seen in Wales, the nation would be well placed to put policies in place now.

He said, "We would do well to have sound policies in place in advance.

"Exclusive faith schools by their nature generally tend to be of a fundamentalist persuasion. Whether Muslim, Christian or of any other faith, they can sometimes be aggressively evangelistic.

"The more far-sighted members of the profession are beginning to feel concerned by what is happening in England, but there is yet to be a general concern in the profession as yet.

"We have a tremendous responsibility and we should not abuse that trust. We should offer guidance and help but we should empower our pupils to be able to make their own independent choices."

A resolution calling for the union executive to press the Government to abandon the proposed increase in the number of faith schools was carried at the conference.

But the conference also supported a motion recognising the positive contribution that faith schools made to the education of young people.
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Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Mar 27, 2002
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