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Warning from the African-Arab world.

The wave of reactionary revolutions against neo-benevolent despotism in the African-Arab world should signal a warning to neo-benevolent despotic Southern Africa today. In South Africa there is resistance to the ANC corruption and nepotism among famous families which has resulted in the emergence of rich black oligarchies. This resistance is from both the left and the right wings of the political spectrum. Many, particularly the youth, are disillusioned that despite having high qualifications they are roaming the streets--jobless! Look at it this way--according to New African (December, 2010), Tunisia was portrayed as a success story, but this complexion has changed completely. Its benevolent despot has been deposed by the people and fled to Saudi Arabia. There are parallels to South Africa, where corruption has become the face of the ANC-led government. Graft, stagnant service delivery in all municipalities and negative audit reports from the Auditor General, bad governance, a poor education system, rising unemployment (which is a major problem), the rising cost of living and the soon-to-be-felt effects of the current floods will bring the government to its knees and force the ruling party out. All seems quiet now, but when people clamour for bread, will they be offered cake? Economic growth that does not include the poor is a sham and should be sceptically viewed.

Benjamin Seitisho

Riverside, South Africa

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Title Annotation:Reader's views
Author:Seitisho, Benjamin
Publication:New African
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Mar 1, 2011
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