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Warning after puppy is poisoned.

Byline: tom houghton Reporter

A family shocked to learn their puppy was poisoned by a mystery substance have issued a warning to other pet owners, after reports of a spate of similar incidents.

Carole Covington said she was told by their vet about several recent poisonings after taking their dog Maxie in when he began vomiting last week.

It comes just days after the RSPCA reported two cats in nearby Tonypandy had been poisoned by antifreeze.

Carole, 60, who lives in Porth, said her family were worried sick about their Tibetan spaniel.

She said: "My son Antony was sleeping downstairs and at about 6am on Thursday he heard the dog start to be very sick. He thought he might have eaten a bit of chocolate so we thought we would see how he goes, but my son insisted that we go to the vet's." Later that day, they took Maxie to Budget Vets in Tonypandy.

"They wanted to keep him in to give him charcoal, which combats the chocolate toxins. We went up a second time the next day and they told us the blood results were very high and they were very concerned about him."

Vets told the family they wanted to keep Maxie in. Carole added: "He's more himself but we are still very worried about his liver. At the moment, it's acute liver damage but my son, being a worrier, is saying he could die.

"The vet told us there's a possibility that if he gets over the acute stages he will be in with a fighting chance. This has cost us PS700 in vet bills, but we will pay anything to get him back."

They were eventually allowed to take Maxie home, and he is now "on the road to recovery".

Carole said the vet told them there was a "pattern" in the area. She added: "They had a spate of cases in the past week, all from the Rhondda with identical blood results to Maxie.

"This was not an isolated case. They are treating it as poisoning but they don't know what kind of poisoning, so they are treating it as best they can.

"I want to warn people in the local area now."

Carole, who also has another Tibetan spaniel called Mingo, said it was "very difficult" to see her dog suffer. "My son and I were in tears. We were very worried. Maxie is only nine months old. He's a member of the family even though he hasn't been with us for that long. They are my babies."

Budget Vets refused to comment as its policy is not to give out information on individual customers.

The concerns come just weeks after two cats, both from Tonypandy, had to be put to sleep after swallowing antifreeze.

The cases, in the Zion Terrace area of the town, came to light when ginger cat George returned to the house staggering.

Grace, a lighter ginger and grey colour, also became very ill, with poisoning confirmed by vets.


Maxie, left, and Mingo. Owner Carole Covington said she was told by the local vet about poisonings after Maxie became ill

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Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Sep 13, 2017
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