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Warm-up interruptus.

You've just started out on your evening run when you encounter a neighbor in the mood to chat. It takes 20 minutes to free yourself. With dusk edging in, you'd like to run while it's still light, but do you need to take the time to repeat the stretching you so carefully did before you left the house?

Maybe not, according to a report from University Hospital in Linkoping, Sweden. Researchers there ran eight healthy male volunteers through a 15-minute warm-up on exercise bikes followed by 15 minutes of stretching and isometric exercises. The increase in the range of motion of the various muscle groups stretched lasted for about 90 minutes, they report in the March ARCHIVES OF PHYSICAL MEDICINE AND REHABILITATION.
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Title Annotation:lasting effect of warm-up exercises
Publication:Science News
Date:Apr 6, 1985
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