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Warm welcome to our new twit-twoo Paulinho.

NEW male burrowing owl called Paulinho has arrived at DZG to pair with our female, Laverne. The seven-year-old male came to us from London Zoo and is settling into his new home with his new partner.

FRIENDS OUR AT DUDLEY CREATURE FEATURES BRING LATEST Senior bird keeper Kriss Pearson said: "Winter is a good time to introduce new male to our female as they can settle down and get used each other well before the breeding season begins.

"We have successfully bred burrowing owls in the past and hope we'll be doing so again before too long."

ZOO " The burrowing owl is so named because it lives in underground burrows that have been dug out by small mammals such as prairie dogs and ground squirrels. Unlike most owls, they are day-active especially in the spring when they are busy feeding young

THE ALL YOU NEWS MEET TWINS MAXIMO AND DAISY! WE'VE discovered our latest twin baby Patagonian maras are a boy and a girl and have named them Maximo and Maisy.

The twins, who were born to mum Burrowing owl Paulinho (above) is making himself right at home and (right) Patagonian maras Maximo and Daisy, born in September 2, have been sexed and microchipped by assistant curator Jay Haywood.

The Patagonian mara is the third largest rodent species in the world and is classed as near threatened due to the loss of its habitat.

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Date:Feb 9, 2019
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