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Warehousing efficiency: new products for expediting warehouse operations.

Warehousing Efficiency

New products for expediting warehouse operations

Lift-Truck Catalogs

Caterpillar Industrial Inc. of Mentor, OH, has expanded its range of color catalogs to include coverage of its full line of Caterpillar lift trucks designed with the needs of the beverage industry in mind.

A new eight-page leaflet explains how the trucks' compact design, drive train performance and high visibility enables them to meet the fast-paced needs of the beverage industry.

Full color photos of the trucks in typical beverage industry operations are included as is a description of the company's product support programs. Request catalog #CEXFOO92.

The Caterpillar T80D lift trucks, with load carrying capacities from 7,000 to 15,000 lbs., are featured in a reissued 12-page full-color catalog. The machines-T70D through T150D-are featured in text and photos, including special explainations to cover the frame, steer axle, gas and diesel engines, wheel-end gear reduction systems, and more.

According to Cat, the catalog also provides a check list of considerations a lift truck buyer must address if one is to make a cost effective purchase. The list covers parts, service and user support programs, as well as product reliability and lift truck features. Request catalog #CECB0102.

Another illustrated catalog from Caterpillar discusses operator restraints that are now standard equipment on all lift trucks made after January 1, 1990.

Text and drawings compare what happens to an operator of a small lift truck during a lateral tipover when using Caterpillar's new operator restraint versus a conventional seat belt. The newly patented restraint system helps prevent head injuries when a small lift truck hits the ground after a lateral tipover. Request catalog #CEDZ0305.

A 24-page catalog from Caterpillar depicts the company's two families of 4,000-, 5,000-and 6,000-lb. capacity electric-powered lift trucks. Cushion-tire models and pneumatic-tire models are featured along with the optional special application arrangements, enabling the trucks to operate under severe weather conditions.

The brochure provides complete specifications for all trucks in the line and explains Caterpillar's product reliability program and replacement parts and field service support policies. Request catalog #CECB0127.

All catalogs are free and can be obtained by writing to: Caterpillar Industrial Inc., Information Center, P.O. Box 739, Berea, OH, 44017.

Stackable Racks

The Tier-Rack Corporation of St. Louis, MO, is now manufacturing the Tier-Rack stackable, portable storage racks that allow for depth storage of hard-to-stack bulk bags.

This storage bag is inserted into the rack module and then is stacked wherever room is available. The rack is comprised of two identical steel tubular frames and easily assembles to a wooden base that is capable of supporting thousands of pounds. Tier-Rack is also offering its Load-Nester module-an all-steel, portable stacking rack which nests and knocks down when not in use.

The Load-Nester can be transported easily and can be assembled quickly according to inventory demands.

For more information, contact Tier-Rack Corporation; Tel: (800) 325-7869.

Dock Management

Rite Hite Corporation of Milwaukee, WI, has announced the introduction of the Dok-Manager system, a new electronic information gathering and processing system for dock management.

The computer-based system uses sensors to provide managers with information. The Dok-Manager system features a status screen that displays on a personal computer the arrival and departure times of all trucks on the dock. This system also stores this information so it can be recalled for daily, monthly, or year-end reports.

Rite Hite believes that use of the Dock-Manager will improve safety by letting personnel know the status of all trucks on the dock, thereby improving security as well as productivity.

Rite Hite is also offering new loading dock equipment in Dual-Dok, a wide-range hydraulic dock leveler and hydraulic lift in one. Dual-Dok is installed in a pit similar to conventional levelers and can be switched from a dock leveler to a lift in seconds.

As a hydraulic leveler, the Dual-Dok unit has a 35,000-lb. capacity and a 32-inch working range. As a hydraulic lift, the Dual-Dok unit has a 16,000-lb. capacity, and a working range from ground level to dock height.

By combining a hydraulic leveler with a hydraulic lift, the Rite Hite Corporation claims the Dual-Dok unit will increase the productivity of existing dock positions and could reduce the number of positions required in the future.

For further information regarding Rite Hite products, contact: Rite Hite Corporation, 8900 N. Arbon Drive, Milwaukee, WI, 53223. Tel: (800) 456-0600.

High Pressure Water Broom

American Water Broom of Atlanta, GA, has recently announced the addition of a new high pressure water broom to its pressure washer system. The high pressure water broom connects to the pressure washer and replaces the wand.

The broom extends three feet wider than the wand to cover a larger area and makes for quicker and easier cleaning of flat surfaces.

The high pressure water broom is made of heavy gauge steel with stainless steel nozzles, swivel casters and rubber wheels. The brooms are available for pressures up to 3,500 P.S.I.

For more information, contact American Water Broom, 3565 McCall Place, Atlanta, GA, 30340. Tel: (800) 241-6565.

American-Sourced Lift Trucks

Now offering a lift truck that boasts a body made from over 50-percent American-made parts, Mitsubishi states it has become the first Japanese company to build electric forklift trucks in America.

Claiming their lift trucks have some of the best lift and travel speeds in the industry, Mitsubishi states the 3,000-to 6,000-lb. capacity trucks are ideal for handling a variety of beverage industry applications.

According to the manufacturer, the new FBC series units come with the latest in design and safety features along with the standard features such as regenerative braking, motor brush wear indicators, and lift interrupt.

For a free information sheet on the Mitsubishi FBC series, contact John Johnson, Machinery Distribution, Inc., Mitsubishi Forklift Truck Group, 2011 West Sam Houston Parkway North, Houston, TX, 77043-2421.

Electric Lift Trucks

Nissan Industrial Equipment company has introduced its new series of Marathoner electric powered forklift trucks in capacities from 2,000 to 6,000 lbs.

The Marathoner series is said to conserve power and be more efficient because its traction and hoist motors run at a lower speed with higher torque than comparable electric trucks. This system draws current only when steering force is applied to the wheel, and will increase the operating hours per battery charge.

Safety features include safety monitor warning lamps, overcenter parking brake, checkered steel floor, non-slip recessed steps, horn, and backup alarm. Driver training programs are also available through local Nissan forklift dealers.

Nissan lift trucks are protected by a 24-month/4,000-hour warranty, and parts are available through local Nissan dealers. For more information, contact Nissan Industrial Equipment Co., Forklift Division, 425 N. Martingale Road, Suite 1900, Schaumburg, IL, 60173. Tel: (703) 706-3900.

Lift Gates

Anthony Lift Gates, Inc., the Pontiac, IL-based inventor of liftgates, has modified its current line of Tuck-Under Liftgates-including ATU, Lowboy, Cart Movers and Aluminum Platform Tuck-Under Models-to easily fit on trucks with narrower chassis.

The Tuck-Under Liftgates are part of Anthony's E-Z Mount series delivered assembled and pre-tested to save time during installation. These lift gates offer push-button controls and a closed hydraulic system that protects the unit from outside dirt and moisture.

Anthony's offers a 2+1 warranty-two years on mechanical and one year on hydraulic systems.

For further information, contact Anthony Lift Gates, Inc., 1037 W. Howard Street, Pontiac, IL, 61764. Tel: (815) 842-3383.

Compact Pallet Truck

A new compact pallet truck with 3,000-lb. capacity is now available from the Prime-Mover Company of Muscatine, IA

According to the manufacturer, the Model PPT30 BT Prime-Mover Compact Pallet Truck is designed to maneuver in tight quarters and can travel at three MPH fully loaded.

The PPT30 comes complete with lift/lower controls located on the steering handle and a standard direction reversing switch as well.

For more information on the new pallet truck, contact Steve Mullarkey, The Prime-Mover Company, Muscatine, IA, 52761. Tel: (319)262-7700.

Cooler/Freezer Catalog

A new four-page leaflet from Bally Engineered Structures, Inc., provides current information on pre-engineered walk-in coolers, walk-in freezers and refrigerated warehouses.

For a free copy of the catalog, contact Bally Engineered Structures, Inc., 20 North Front Street, P.O. Box 98, Bally, PA, 19503. Tel: (800) 24-BALLY.

Hyster Lift Trucks

Hyster Company, a worldwide manufacturer of materials handling equipment located in Danville, IL, is now offering a wide range of color catalogs that fully describe its line of lift trucks and lift truck maintenance systems.

Hyster Company has also released a brochure on lift truck operator training programs it now runs. Developed in 1984 by Hyster Company's staff, the training program uses classroom lectures and videos with behind-the-wheel instruction.

For copies of any of the Hyster Company brochures, contact Lori Butler, Hyster Company, Industrial Truck Division, P.O. Box 847, Danville, IL, 61834. Tel: (800) 221-1191.
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