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War will go on for 25 years vow IRA.

IRA warlords are ready for another 25 years of killing, Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams warned yesterday.

Senior Provos told him there will be no surrender of IRA weapons under any circumstances.

And the terror-masters who blew apart hopes for peace in Northern Ireland had the gall to add: "We were always sceptical about the British."

Adams, head of the IRA's political wing, spoke for the first time yesterday of his meeting with the warlords.

He confirmed that the Provos had threatened more bombs and refused to surrender their weapons as a pre-condition to peace talks.

Speaking in New York, Adams said he was optimistic for peace ... but realistic about war.

And although the IRA would not give up their arms, he claimed that the men with the blood of thousands on their hands really want an end to the slaughter.

Adams and SDLP leader John Hume met IRA representatives last week.

Adams said: "Their contribution was led mainly by two people.

"John Hume and I spelt out our view of the situation and of the need to restore the peace process.

"There was a detailed and frank exchange of views.

"The IRA people put their position in straightforward terms by outlining their view of the agreements and commitments made in the run up to the cessation.

"One volunteer elaborated on how Republicans had attempted to create a positive climate.

"It was made clear that the cessation was a very difficult step to achieve. It was also made clear that this was a leadership-led initiative.

"There was deep scepticism throughout Republican ranks to the British demands for ceasefires as a pre-condition to dialogue."

Adams said the IRA blamed "the consistent bad faith of the British government and the placing of new pre-conditions" for the end of their 17-month ceasefire.

And he added: "The open provocation of the punitive attitude to Irish prisoners alongside the release of British paratrooper Lee Clegg and the attitude of the RUC were all irritants."

Adams continued: "One or two of their representatives spelt out their commitment graphically."

The Provos told him: "We sued for peace, the British wanted war. If that's what they want we will give them another 25 years of war.

"There will be no surrender of IRA weapons under any circumstances and to anyone.

"Disarmament of all the armed groups is only viable as part of a negotiated settlement, and nobody knows that better than the British."

The IRA message ended with the chilling threat: "The Brits should know by now that we are serious. When we say we want to make peace, they shouldn't mess."

l IRA bombers who blasted Canary Wharf made a dummy run three weeks before the real attack, anti-terrorist cops have revealed.
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Mar 7, 1996
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