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War of 1812 Veteran--Peter Young 1784-1846.

Peter Young, my third-great-grandfather, was born in 1784 in Waterloo Ferry, now Fort Erie, Ontario. His parents were Daniel Young UE and Elizabeth (WindeckerUE) Young. Along with his father, Adam Young UE, and his father-in-law, Henry Windecker UE, Daniel served with the Butler's Rangers during the American Revolution.

Peter served over 450 days during the War of 1812, spending most of his time with the Essex 1st Flank Company with one additional muster with the 2nd York Militia Regiment. He was wounded while serving with the 1st Essex at the Battle of Raisin River on 22 January 1813. He mustered out of Burlington Heights with the 1st Essex during the American occupation of the Western District from October 1813 until the end of the war.

The occupying American forces frequently pillaged the homes of known militia men. American light troops burned Peter Young's home and stable during May 1814. His gun, sword and belt were stolen during this same raid.

He lived in Malden Township after the war until 1830. He and his family then moved to Seneca Township where he lived until his death in 1846.

Researching Peter's war service, that had been forgotten generations ago, was my way to honour this veteran. I sent my documentation of his service along with a short biography to the volunteer group at the Graveside Project, War of 1812 Veteran. Information on veterans honoured through this program is available online to educate current and future generations regarding the sacrifices that these men made. Their contributions to a young country helped to create the Canada that we know today.


On 05 November 2014, I received a 10 x 6 inch granite Veteran of the War of 1812 graveside marker from the Graveside Project. I have planned a ceremony for 11 July 2015 at Peter's grave in the Caledonia Old Methodist Cemetery in Caledonia, Ontario. The granite marker will be placed by Peter's partially restored headstone that has broken into several pieces and lies in a bed of pea gravel within a wooden frame. Please feel free to attend the ceremony, held in conjunction with the annual YOUNG Reunion at which descendants of Adam Young UE and his wife, Catherine Elizabeth Schremling, gather each year. Adam was Peter Young's grandfather.

You can contact the Young Reunion Chairperson, Betty YundtUE, at: pyundt"at"nas.netorvia Face Book at:

Centuries after his service to his country, Peter Young will be officially recognized through this marker. This marker is an honour that should be placed at every veteran's grave.

For more information go to index.php: "Graveside Project: War of 1812 Veteran."

Editor's Note

The Editor is a fourth-great-grandson of Adam Young UE [Johann Adam Jung] and his wife, Catherine Elizabeth Schremling, via their youngest son, Henry Young UE [Hendrick Jung], married to Phoebe Van Every, daughter of McGregory Van Every UE and Maria Jaycocks. My wife, Grietje, and I have attended almost all the Young Family Reunions that began in 1999. One year we put on a skit about the lives of Adam and Catherine and, another year, spoke about how to join the UELAC. This July marks the seventeenth yearofthe Young Family Reunion, being held in Blackheath, Ontario. --Robert C. (Bob) McBride UE.

Did Pvt. Peter Young meet Pvt. C.J. Tips?

Author, Bill Young UE wrote: "Peter served over 450 days during the War of 1812 ... with the Essex 1st Flank Company with one ' additional muster with the 2nd York Militia Regiment." One wonders if he met this man: Private Cornelius J. Tips of the 2nd York Militia Regiment (commanded by Colonel Richard Beasley). Tips was at Queenston Heights. Image courtesy of the Niagara Historical Society & Museum.

Bill Young UE, who lives in Niagara Falls, Ontario, is a retired elementary school teacher. He became interested in his heritage with the passing of his parents. Bill is a member of the Colonel John Butler Branch of the UELAC. He received his UE designation through his Loyalist ancestor, Daniel Young UE, son of Adam Young UE. He is also a member of the Niagara Peninsula Branch of the Ontario Genealogy Society.

Bill has written articles about Italian genealogy and about his ancestors, Daniel Young UE and Peter Young, and their involvement in the War of 1812.

He is currently researching his relatives and their involvement with the Canadian forces in World War I. He is also seeking photographs of Edmund Young (son of Peter and Hannah {Riselay} Young) and Eleanor (Runchey) Young. He can be contacted at billyoungue"at"
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