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War is not answer to Syrian problem; FEEDBACK.

I AM glad that on Thursday night Parliament voted no to bombing Syria.

The situation in Syria is appalling and desperate for millions. Over 100,000 have died in the conflict, according to UN, but it is unclear how it would benefit Syrians for the UK to use military force to send the message. It is OK to kill tens of thousands of civilians but please use the right weapons.

The global thirst for fossil fuels remains at the heart of all calculations in the Middle East; recent reports suggest Saudi Arabia is bribing Russia to drop Syria by offering a secret oil deal.

Dependent on oil to power our economy and lifestyles, billions of pounds continue pouring out of the UK towards the Middle East. The global thirst for oil empowers dictators, compromises any desire to protect civilians, and drives our participation in wars in Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Afghanistan.

Our politicians need the vision and courage to acknowledge the interconnectedness of these issues and create a new energy policy, reducing energy waste and producing energy at home.

Christian Vassie Liberal Democrat European Candidate in North East 10 Blake Court, Wheldrake, York YO19 6BT
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Geographic Code:7SYRI
Date:Sep 3, 2013
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