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War is not a game.

Faik Mustafa wonders who is to blame for the situation in Macedonia. "Gruevski, Crvenkovski or someone else?! They fight for power but when it is a matter of ethnic Albanians and their demands, they act as one. There are many examples for this and it was the reason for the 2001 conflict, that from today's aspect lost its sense because its true values were shattered by those that fought the war. Therefore the question is raised--Who needs another war? The national liberation war on this territory can only present yet another lie.

Today, the wars are fought only because of career, ideology or pathologic hatred. The main war of ethnic Albanians should be their self-awakening. They should not believe the empty promises of commanders, generals, murderers, servants, outlaws etc. The path leading to Europe is open, we must only try placing the true people on true positions. We have always known how to defend ourselves from the "Crvenkovskists" and "Gruevskists", but unfortunately, not from ourselves," says Mustafa.
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Title Annotation:Lajm (daily)
Publication:Albanian Press in Macedonia
Date:May 13, 2010
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