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War in the Gulf: Marines are simply the best.

TO my nephew, Jordan Clements of 45 Commando Royal Marines - our thoughts and prayers are with you. You are constantly in our thoughts. We are all very proud of you, keep up the good work and take good care. You're simply the best. - Love Auntie Liz, Uncle Wullie, Scott and wee William xxxxx.

TO SAC William Ramsey (RAT DET): Hi Will. Just to say we love and miss you loads. Take care of yourself always. We are so proud of you and can't wait until you come home. Stay safe. Loadsa love - Kerrie, Declan and Bailey xxxx.

TO Lewis Montague, Black Watch. Hope you are doing well and keeping safe. I miss and love you lots. You're in my dreams - Love always, your fiancee, Kimberly x.

TO all the boys of Black Watch, D Co. Especially Cal Cowan. Well done in capturing chief of Ba'ath party. Keep up the good work, lads, and do what you do best. Stay safe, return safe. - Proud to be a Scotsman.

VINCENT MAY, 16th Air Assault Brigade. Take care, mate - Colin, Carol, Heather and Laura.

TO Seonaidh and all the crew on HMS York, so proud of you all. Good luck, see you soon. God bless - Love Mags xxxx.

STEVEN WATT Black Watch and Graham Gunn REME. May God keep you safe and well. Hope you are home soon. Love you both - Love from Auntie Joanie and Auntie Jeannie.

MY brother Steven Watt, Black Watch. Thinking of you all the time. Can't wait till you come home safe and well - Love you always Vicky and Alana xxxx.

TO Sig Sarah Bain 1UK ADSR. Take care, thinking of you. Love and miss you loads - Mam and Jim.

TO my son Richard Hall 42 Commando. Thinking of you. - From a proud mum, and brother Loz x.

FOR Paul, Robert and Dannay, all brothers in Black Watch. You are in our thoughts, take care - Rhonda and Ian.

TO Craig Boyle RSDG, we are praying and thinking of you. Please stay safe - With all our luv Nanna and Grandad Slaven xxxx.

TO Rrp Colin Cunningham RSDG, hope you are safe and well. Keep your chin up and head down - Love from grandad and gran Irene xx.

SGT Grant Stevenson, my wee brother you are my hero, love you and miss you. Come home safely - Lorna xxx.

STEVEN AIRZEE Black Watch. Best of luck. Hope to see you home soon. - Love from friends and family, High Valleyfield.

TO Jon Amato, we are thinking of you. Hope to see you soon - Uncle Archie, Aunt Vera.

TO Sig Sarah Bain RUK ADS, take care and come home soon - Love Linda, Shug and Lynn.

ROSS CAIRNS and all the crew on board HMS Ocean, keep safe, God speed a safe return - Love Sheena, your ma's wee cleaner.

TO LCpl Philip Simpson, missing you heaps, love you lots. Keep low, move fast - Love Ashley. Big kiss XX.

TO medic John Amato, we are all thinking of you and missing you - Love John, Andrea, Sarah and the rest of the Amato clan XXX.

I WOULD like to wish all our troops a safe and speedy return home to your loved ones. To my wife who is in RLC and getting ready to go. Take care darling, will miss you.

DARLING, will be thinking of you every day - Helen. Come back safe. Love you - Stuart and kids Bathgate xxx.

TO David McCutcheon, hurry home, missing you loads - Love from Kerry P, xxx.

OUR mum Helen's now going to the Gulf. Good luck mum when away. We will miss you. Pray for you and troops' safe return. Take care love - Ashleigh 13, Blake, 10, of Boghall, Bathgate.

CPL Buchanan Reme, take care, love you loads - Mum and Scotty dog xx.

TO ma wee bro Robert, see you shortly, keep up the good work - Jimmy, Laura and wee Dylan.

TO Sammy in the Marines. Praying for your safe return to your family and a good workout with my son - Steven's mum.

TO my little Englishman, RSDG, your perfect love keeps me going during this hard time. I will love you forever, my soulmate, always - Your lanky Irish lass xxxxx.

FOR my dad Sgt Lynas Lrtr, we are all missing you lots and can't wait to see you again. Lots of hugs and kisses - Stephen, Kelsey, Tiegan xxxxx.

TO Hamish Renton of 45 Commando, take care of yourself out there - John, Sheena and Geordie.

SGT Lynas 1RTR, missing you loads. Hope everything is going well. Can't wait until you come home. Thinking about you everyday. Take care, I love you.

TO all the boys and girls from 125 rats especially Gayle, take care and God speed - Charlie Metay.

JORDEN CLEMENTS and James Small, come home safe - Mary, Rab and Ross Ratcliffe.

TO Capt MacNeil 29 Commando 42 Commando group, we love you lots. Keep up the good work. Vincere Vel Mori - Love Aunty Anne, Uncle Ian Lachlan, Korky, Laura and Caleb.

TO all at 5 Reg Artillery. Trust me to get bloody posted. Stay safe - LCpl Green, 1R Anglian.

TO everyone, take care, come home safe to your loved ones - Anne Marie Haughey and family xxx.

TO Sgt Mark Smith, RSDG, come home soon. We miss you so much and so does mummy. We say lots of prayers to keep you safe. Love you - Ben x, James x, Thomas x.

CPL Jimmy Moose Johnston RSDG Pipes and Drums. - Love from family and friends at the Murroes.

COLIN CUNNINGHAM RSDG thinking about you all the time - Love, your twin brother Robert xxx.

TO all the Scottish soldiers, you are doing your nation proud. Wish I was there with you - ex-RHF.

CPL Scott Ramsay, take care love and miss you lots - Love mum, dad and Bud xxx.

TO top Andy McMinn RSDG, we're missing you loads and can't wait for your welcome home party. Hope to see you very soon - Love and hugs Danielle and Tam.

IF my man Tpr Keenan is out there with the troops, good luck and see you soon - Debbie x.

SGT Lee Taylor, thinking of you stay safe - Love Lorna x.

TO Cpl Ian Lamb Scottish Transport Reg 221, missing you loads and thinking of you every minute of every day. Keep safe - Love Corinne and the kids Ian, Daniel, Ryan and Tessa.

To all our brave soldiers serving in the Gulf. Our thoughts are with you. Keep up the good work. - Jim and Rona, Glasgow.

TO all the troops of 1Rtr from Honnington and Warminster, take care guys, come home safely - Gary's wife Helen.

MICHAEL WILLIAMS REME, you are in our thoughts. Your little sister Diane is missing you. Take care - Love mum and all the family from Whithorn.

TO Para Matthew Roberts based at Aldershot, I'm missing you loads. My thoughts and prayers are with you - Love Nikki and Louise. Take care babe xxx.

TO all the British and US troops, you are always in our thoughts and prayers and pray it won't be long before you are all home safely. Take care of each other.

TO Nicholas Sproull, take care. Hope to see you soon - Love from Liam and Stephen.

TO LCpl Dougie Ferguson 1st Btn The Black Watch, Perth, keep the heid doon, mate. Pint and nip waiting on the bar for you, take care - Fae Grant fae the Brig.

TO Cpl Dean Wall, RAF. Thinking of you. Sending my special hugs to all the British troops. You are in our thoughts and our hearts are with you. Good luck, you are all our heroes.

FOR my nephew Corrie Garrow, Black Watch. Miss you loads, take care - Love Aunty Rhonda xx.

PTE David Brady RLC, always in my thoughts. Praying for your safe return - Love granda.

TRP Craig Boyle RSDG, Hi Craig, just want to say good luck and keep your chin up. Come home safe. Lots of love - Auntie Pauline, Debbie and kids xxx.

JAMES BROWN 2RTR and the rest of the troops, thinking of you loads. Hurry hame, we miss you - From your only nephews in Mossy, Rab and John.

TO all the lads from 33 EOD, stay safe - Si, Luke and Spook.

LCPL Jordan Brown AGC, miss you and so proud of you, baby. The majority of the country are behind you all - Love mum x.

CPL R Dunlop 1RTR. I love and miss you very much, babe. Take care, hope to see you soon - Your loving wife Alison D xxx.

TO Sapper Alan Faulds, all the lads are thinking of you. The pints are lined up on the bar. See you soon - Baz.

TO my uncle, Cpl Daniel Thomson HQ Coy, don't be like me, stay out of trouble and come home safe. Love and miss you lots - From your red-headed Irish witch, Coatbridge xxx.

TO my big brother Robert Fleming RAF, I don't know where you are, but I love you loads. Take care and be as safe as you can - David Rose from Skye.

TO Colin McGeoch, thinking about you, keep safe - Love Janice, Gerry, Scott and Elaine xxx.

IAN LYNN, RSDG, hope you are well, thinking of you. Take care - Vicki x.

BIG hello to Cpl Andy Booth RCT, from all at home in Burntisland. Keep yer heid doon. Do you want pot noodles?

TO Sgt Sam Daly, 39 Engr. Reg, take care of yourself, big man, and come back soon - Love Amanda x.

TO LC Steven Rougvie, Black Watch, we all wish you well, Steve. Keep safe. Can't wait until you're home. The vodka sales have dropped. To Uncle Steven, take care and hurry home safely - Love from Greig, Robert and Leslie, Fife.

TO my big sister Dianne Rowland, we all miss you and can't wait until you get home, love you loads - Ally xxx.

SHONA GRIME, Navy. We are thinking of you and pray all goes well. God bless - The Davis family, Glasgow.

THIS is for my Joe `Salty' AB56. Love you now and always. Miss you so much. Stay safe, babe - Linda and wee J. xxx.

FOR Ryan Nellies 1st Battalion Black Watch. Look after yourself, bud. We are all very proud. God bless - Mags, Kenny and Kenny.

TO Kevin Skinnider and Bob Walker, take care and come home soon - Families Paisley and Letchworth.

TO my cousin David Black, Royal Scots Dragoon Guards. You're doing a good job. Take care of yourself - Lots of love Tracey xxx.

TO LCpl Danny Brown and all of SDG pipes and drums, stay safe, see you all soon - From all of Danny's family.

TO my big brother Scott Craig and soon-to-be sister-in-law Laura. You're constantly in our thoughts. Please come home safe - Love from your wee sis Karen and Brendan.

CPL Craig McGeachy RMP: Take care, Craig. Love you - Mum, Dad, Nicola and Pete, Betty, John and Steven xx.

W02 Pete Tindal: Keep safe, honey. Love and miss you heaps. Remember the same stars - Pam xxx.

CPL Craig Brown, RSDG. Love and miss you - Nan and Paps Connelly.

TO Cpl Brian Dale, of the RSDG B Squadron. We all love you and you'll get your parcel soon. - Love from all the family and your gran.

TO Captain Ernie Dagless in a field hospital out there: we are all thinking of you. Be safe. Love from all the family.

TO John Stevenson, Black Watch Motor Transport Group: take care, we all love you. Come home safely - From all the family back home.

LANCE Corporal Peter Laing, Black Watch: We are very proud of you, stay safe and come home soon, Pedro - Love baby Morgan, dad and all the family xxx.

GUNNER Liam Ashmore, 7 Para RHA, we met your girlfriend and prospective mother-in-law in Dublin on Tuesday and things are going okay - Love from all the family.

CORPORAL Andrew Aitken, 23 Pioneer Regiment, we love you and think about you every day - Mum, dad and family, Coatbridge.

TO all the guys and girls at Scottish Transport Regiment serving in the Gulf region: best of luck. Come home safe. - From all the guys and girls at 231 Transport Squadron RLC Glenrothes.

TO PTE Robert Johnston, 1st Batallion of Black Watch. Thinking of you - Margaret and Donna.

TO John Stevenson, Black Watch Motor Transport Group: take care, we all love you. Come home safely. - From all the family back home.

TROOPER Martin Ferguson, Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, missing the banter, look after yourself. Lots of love - From sister Pauline, brother-in-law Paul and nephew Connor.

PRIVATE James Small in Black Watch, we are proud of you and love you and can't wait till you come home - Kyle and Brandon, Fife

TO Sgt Billy Anderson. Miss you and love you loads. Keep safe and take care - From Linda, Grant, Brian and Kyle.

TO Paul Cleary: We are all thinking about you back home take good care. Hope to see you soon. Big hugs from the boys - Love Gordon, Rachel xxx

TO our son Paul Cleary on HMS Liverpool. There has not been a day went by without you on our minds, God will look after you. Every one back home wishes you well. Looking forward to seeing you home and safe - Lots of Love Mum Dad xxxxxxxxx

TO Mark Wright with the Irish Guards. Thinking about you and hoping you are well. - Love from your auld pen-friend Karen D. x.

TO Corporal Robert Marnell. So proud. There are a few pints waiting in the Albert Hotel for you. Take care. - Love Dad x.

CPL Clare McAuley - hi sis, hope you are looking after yourself. Take care, miss you lots. Hope you're back with us soon - Love big brov Craig and nephew Dylan xxxxx.

FOR Lcpl Andrew Cunningham of 13pLT DCoy, the Highlanders currently in Bosnia peacekeeping. I love you and miss you loads can't wait to see you again in August hope you're keeping well - Lots of love Michelle xxxxxxxxxxx.

TO my proud big brother Paul Cleary on HMS Liverpool - can't wait till you get home as I have booked a seat at KFC. Miss you so much, hope you are okay - Love you Catherine xxxxxxxx.

TROOPER Gavin Todd - Scots DG: Gav Gran is fine and Mum & Dad love you loads. All the family are so proud of you and miss you loads. Keep safe and hope to see you soon. - Love Deb and all the family xxx.

GOOD luck to all the troops in the Gulf, you're doing well and we're all behind you. - Love Michelle xxxxxxxx.

HI Toasty! Hurry home, it's Friday and I need a smile. Take care from Wee Maggie. Hi Toasty! Come home safe. Words are all we have. Remember that song? - Love Yvonne and Gang 831.

TO All the RAF personnel. We are all proud of you. God bless you all. Keep safe and may your return be sooner rather than later - A Forces wife, Glasgow.

LANCE Corporal Robert Adams, Royal Scots Dragoon Guards. Just a wee message to let you know we are all thinking about you. Take care, babe, and come home safe. Lots of Love - Auntie Marie, Tracey and Michelle West Linton, Peeblesshire xoxo.

TPR Michael Stewart RSDG. Thinking of you every day. Good luck & keep your spirits up - Keith.

TO Jamie Gardiner RSDG, B Sqn - all right, mucker, doing a brilliant job, mate. You and the boys keep up the good work. Got a pint waiting for you when you get back. Take care and we'll see you soon - Firth, Dawn and the rest of the gang in Nottm xx.

TO GDSM Cameron MacDougall, we are thinking of u cammie and hope u are doing well , keep your chin up we are keeping you in our prayers God bless you - Love GDSM Jim Rundle and family.

TO Sgt Trevor Paterson we're thinking of u Trev God bless u and bring u home safely - Love from the Rundles.

TO Mne William Rodger 45 Cdo RM - happy birthday for the 27th, we'll celebrate it when you get home.Thinking of you all the time. Keep safe and come home soon - Love Mum, Dad, Iain, Stewart and Andrew.

TO Sheree McAuslan, the Bucky is on chill for you. Miss you loads - Lorraine.

TO Jamie Shaw, 111 Squadron RAF Leuchars Happy 30th on Tuesday, missing you, take care - Mum, Dad, Wendy, Jennifer & girls.

ALL the best to MEM Andy Laycock, LMEA Paul Dixon (both HMS Ark Royal) MEM Paul Cleary HMS Liverpool, AEM Scott Higgens HMS Ocean and the rest of the troops out there, should be out there with you, but back home covering for firestrikes. Keep your chins up, just think of the money you are saving so you can take me for a pint when you come home, hopefully sooner rather than later - From Nizzy.

TO all serving personnel. God bless you all. Keep safe at all times and may you all return to your loved ones soon - A Forces Wife, Glasgow

TO Terry Ward hope to c u home real soon everyone's thinking about u - Love Mum, Jen, Gary and Kayleigh xxx.

WE are all thinking you and love you lots. Hope to see you soon take care. Love mum dad and all the family - Sheila Currie

TO Captain Trisha Cassidy Queens Alexandra's Royal Army Nursing Corps. I could not believe when I bought the Daily Record on Friday, March 29 and saw you on the front page. May God keep you safe and bring you home soon. Remember our time at St Brendan's primary school. Keep safe - Joseph Sneddon.

I WOULD like to say a big hello to L/CPL Brian Cruickshanks currently serving with 34 Field Squadron(AS) 39 Engineer Regt. Take care and hurry back safe. - Love you loads. From Anne Marie, Hannah and all the family. P.S a big hello to the rest of the guys from Paisley T.A.

CPL Alastair Gardiner RSDG Black Watch BG. Missing you son, hope you're OK over there, keep your chin up and you'll be back soon, got the Bucky on ice for your return. - Love always mum and dad xxx.

TO our dad Frankie Mason Black Watch, hurry home as we can't wait to see you, hope you are okay and getting our parcels - Lots of love Lee and Jac.

TO my boy Jamie Gardiner, hope you're OK son, thinking of you. You've made us proud, keep up the good work. See you when you get back - Love always mum and dad xxx

TO CFN JONATHON AYLOTT [REME] Keep safe and come home soon - Love from Auntie Audrey, Uncle Jimmy, cousins James, Karen, Julie and Derek.

TO Robin, thinking about you every day. Jamie sends his love. Stay safe and come home to us soon. - Love you, Michelle.

BEST of luck out there, Kris. Hope you minded your bucket and space. Congratulations on your new baby. Our thoughts are with you. Keep safe - Eddie, Gina and wee Yvonne. Hi Kris, just to let you know we are thinking of you out there. Good luck and take care - Trevor, Linda, Karen and George.

Andy McMinn - we're missing you and can't wait for your welcome home party

DANIELLE AND TAM Dougie Ferguson - a pint and a nip are waiting at

the bar for you. Take care

GRANT FAE THE BRIG Trisha Cassidy - I couldn't believe it when I saw you on the front page of the Record

JOSEPH SNEDDON Paul Cleary - not a day goes by without you on our minds. God will look after you

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