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War hits home. (Stateline).

The war with Iraq and the ongoing fight against terrorism has hit some states, including North Dakota, Utah and Alabama, hard. Those states have seen 29 percent, 26 percent and 25 percent of their total reservists and Guard members called up. Gannett News Service analysis shows that 17 states and Puerto Rico have had 20 percent or more of their Guard troops and reservists mobilized as of the end of February. That's forcing state officials to scramble to fill their jobs. Many local police and fire departments have large numbers of military reservists. Beyond the effect on local communities, though, the call-ups also could reduce the number of troops available to state authorities if they need them to help with homeland security or natural disasters, such as wildfires and floods.
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Title Annotation:Utah, Alabama and North Dakota
Publication:State Legislatures
Geographic Code:1U8UT
Date:May 1, 2003
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