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War Diary; Stories from the ECHO during the war years.

LORD DERBY, BY,BY British Ambassador to France, speaking today at the annual meeting of the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce of which he is president, said he could not help feeling this was an auspicious moment.

The brilliant counter-stroke of General Foch had resulted in a great change in the perspective of the war. In the present great battle, the unity of command was being exemplified to great advantage by the fact that, although the bulk of the fighting naturally fell upon the French troops, who were situated in the area where the battle was now raging, they were being assisted by American, English and Italians. At the same time, he hoped that they would not fall into the error which they had fallen into before, of overestimating the advantages gained, and thinking that the end was nearer than it perhaps was. Speaking of his ambassadorial duties, his lordship said that he could testify that there was a good understanding between France and England, and that there was in France a great faith in all that England was doing to bring the war to a successful conclusion.

That might seem a little extraordinary, because we were a curious nation. Our mentality was something extraordinary. We knew we were doing a big thing in the Army, Navy, and the supply of munitions, and yet the one thing everybody seemed to set out to prove was that we were not doing it. In other words, in order to get another ounce out of the country, a great many people were engaged in belittling our efforts. He was perfectly certain, however, that France realised all the England was doing (hear, hear). "I can tell you this with absolute confidence," went on his lordship, "that just as we are with France to the end, so is France with us to the bitter end."

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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
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Date:Jul 22, 2014
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