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War Babies Cry for Peace! War Babies Cry for Justice!

This poem is the voice of the wild, natural child in us all - a child that is homeless, rich, burning in a bombed-out shelter in Baghdad, San Francisco, New York, and Washington, D.C. This is a long wail of love for the Americas, the people of Iraq, Kuwait, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and our borderless planet. This is for the Jews and the Palestinians, the poor and homeless who showed me what I'm made of, and what I came here for. May these words dance into your heart and liberate your soul.

War babies cry for peace! War babies cry for justice! An eternal agonizing wail against death and destruction Our breath circling around Mother Earth Grieving from birth to birth awakening now We come on through to the material world

Bombs bursting in air while our flag-draped coffins are prepared An insatiable appetite for fresh bodies

Our war-machine economy calling all babies to be sacrificed at the altar of Technology

War baby boom boom bang bang sirens of the dead herald our birth into the ruins of Industrial Progress into the ruins of the New World Order


War babies cry for peace! War babies cry for justice!

We were born after a world war before the next world war into a world war economy Planning endlessly for the permanent state of war Wars to make the world safe for democracy Wars to end all wars Wars to contain Communism Wars to punish aggression Religious wars with God on our side Just wars with Religion on our side Holy wars of inquisitional eternity Burning us at the stake to save our souls


War babies cry for peace! War babies cry for justice!

Wars to protect our sacred consuming appetites for crystallized bits of machine-eaten bodies wired to factory floor assembly line standardized mass produced planned obsolescence

Artificial intelligence wired into hi-tech weapons of mass destruction

Smart bombs, clean and patriotic missiles surgically removing our critical consciousness

Video collective retina screens of our push button kill on command die on command forget on command and suicide on command

We live in a bomb factory, eat bombs and bomb factories hospitals schools museums water supplies bridges sewage plants radio stations houses of the damned

Nuclear chemical biological weapons factories working around the clock packaging human lives into expendable products for military targets

Raging repressed armored machinery marching through our mediahoods Sacrificial youth boot-heel saluting God, flag, and the Dollar Bill of Rights

Defense against yellow, black, brown, red skin conspiracy all around us

We are under siege and we need our Dictator of the Electronic Image swallowing up our individual identities making us feel omnipotent again

We are riding high on the Empire with our beloved Dictator of the Democracy Emperor of the censored press commander-in-chief of disinformation and propaganda protecting our fragile minds, soothing our paranoia of being attacked by hordes of poor, well-organized guerrillas who have been tortured, bombed, starved, raped, murdered by our well-oiled CIA foreign extermination machine O Sophisticated defender of Privilege

O White Supremacy reborn Christian Soldiers leading us into the Armageddon


War babies cry for peace! War babies cry for justice! War babies we are all war babies!

Tin soldiers toy soldiers drafted soldiers volunteer soldiers mercenary soldiers soldiers of fortune for hire by presidents, Prime Ministers, Kings, Dictators, military juntas who must preserve wealth in the hands of the few

Soldiers killing soldiers killing civilians anything that moves marching in lock step to the same ancient drum beat of nationalistic jingoistic religious mass psychology of Fascism

Dropping bombs on El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Angola, Mozambique, Lebanon, Iraq,

Iran, Kuwait, Panama, New York, San Francisco, Chicago, and in between our people are starving for shelter, food, health care, education, and a helping hand to heal the scars of past wars


Atomic foot print through window of time erasing mind matter web of biosphere we live in on through each other we are suiciding ourselves

Our breath stretching taut over bones of eternal quest for freedom

Our flesh covering Mother Earth her body electric is our body We are the keepers of our body/Earth

Our visions, dreams rising from the ashes of Cold wars low-intensity wars covert wars scorched-Earth wars proxy army wars undeclared wars seven-day wars guerilla wars

Wars against poverty wars against pornography Wars against drugs wars against diseases

O God of Gods we can't breathe all this death is killing us please everybody stop dropping the bombs

Charred swollen bellies of mothers across burnt landscapes of our children Dead nations buried in our bleeding chests

Forever dying for moneyed elites in White House copporate boards, Pentagon war room, Royal Kingdoms Feudal monarchies death-squad democracies Hear our final word Cult of Necrophiliacs Realpolitik tattooed power junkie assassins We are rising up above the tragic battles No more war economy battlefields Gathering up what's left of our mother Earth Gathering up our bodies Gathering up our ideologies of hatred and fear Gathering up our hardware weapons Take a flight through matter It doesn't matter any longer

We have the power we are the power people of color rainbow indigenous women men children animals plants air water fire sky circle hoop of sacred planetary family

Calling all sentient beings to a new congress of planetary union

A congress of We the people undivided no borders no nation state armies

Hear our final words all you dealers of death

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Author:Hayes, Andrew
Publication:Social Justice
Date:Mar 22, 1992
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