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War; 6v.




War; 6v.

Title main entry. Ed. by Paul F. Diehl. (Sage library of international relations)

Sage Publications, [c]2005

2536 p.


Eighty-seven selections from a variety of books and journals (e.g. J. of Peace Research, American Political Science Review, World Politics, and Foreign Policy) are arranged in sections on concepts, measurement, and patterns in the study of war; general theoretical approaches and domestic factors; national, dyadic, and systemic correlates of conflict; and the moderation and outcomes of conflict. Editor Diehl (political science, U. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) introduces this five-volume anthology by giving an overview of the field of war studies and delineating the focus of this collection. His selections emphasize interstate rather than intrastate warfare (although some articles are included on ethnic and civil wars); they include studies of conflicts that do and do not become militarized; most are concerned with international conflict of the last 200 years; and, finally, most have an empirical basis rather than a policy prescription orientation and assume the idea that conditions for wars of the past (and of the future) can be identified and studied. The set is not indexed.
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Date:Aug 1, 2005
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