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Articles from War, Literature & The Arts (January 1, 2015)

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"I can soljer with any man": the post 9-11 renaissance of James Jones. Dunbar, Laura Critical essay 6371
"It's all good": forms of belief and the limits of irony in David Finkel's The Good Soldiers. Lithgow, Hilary Critical essay 6627
"Most distant and most dear": Clausewitzian conflicts in Kipling's Barrack-Room Ballads. Denton, Rance D. Critical essay 7449
"Not flowers for poets' tearful foolings": first World War poetry, flowers and the pastoral failure. Montin, Sarah Critical essay 6050
A "phrase too cute to do our ugliness justice": portraying "wounded warriors" in contemporary war fiction. Molin, Peter C. Critical essay 8232
A Crisis of Brilliance: Five Young British Artists and the Great War. Stewart, Matthew Book review 1943
A Picture. Pappas, Jimmy Poem 212
After a Reading of War Poems, the Signing of Books. Ritterbusch, Dale Poem 413
After Nam. Hudson, William (American poet) Poem 170
Among the lightning trees: a conversation with Brian Turner. McGuire, Thomas G. Interview 13945
Another Great Day at Sea: Life Aboard the USS George H. W. Bush. Stewart, Matthew Book review 1225
Apocalypse Now: a retrospective by Jonathan Lighter. Lighter, Jonathan E. Critical essay 3195
Army wife. Siperman, Adina Brief article 222
At the Veteran's Hospital. Montag, Kassandra Poem 483
Blood and Water. Gwynn, A.M. Poem 485
Bobbie Ann Mason's The Girl in the Blue Beret: aesthetic experimentation, evil, and American cultural memory of "The Good War". Hawkins, Ty Critical essay 4993
Bougainville. Levin, Michael H. (American poet) Poem 181
Bryan Doerries discusses the theater of war & the palliative of shared suffering. McGuire, Thomas G. Interview 8301
Burned bones deserve no repose: Patrick Hicks's The Commandant of Lubizec. Purio, Sean Critical essay 6408
Contrails. Casaregola, Vincent Poem 399
Dak to II. Vaughan, David K. Sonnet 174
Dogtags. King, Brooke N. Essay 1561
Dujail School Reconstruction Project. Graaf, Adam Poem 210
Ecotours, Ltd. Locke, Christopher (American poet) Poem 323
Eight Years Later. Graaf, Adam Poem 155
Everyone breaks. Lanckton, Samuel F. Nonfiction work 2725
Forrest Hall Military Prison for Deserters. Keplinger, David Poem 228
Fort Benning, Off-Base, Summer 1967. Ritterbusch, Dale Poem 430
Free falling soldier. Martino, Alyssa 784
French's Field II. Crosby, P.H. Poem 224
Front lines. Bonner, Thomas, Jr. Short story 2319
Full Bird in Flight. Gordon, Patrick (American social worker) Poem 424
Great Uncle. Malinowski, Kim Poem 258
Happy warriors in arms: aspects of military life in Evelyn Waugh's Put Out More Flags and Sword of Honour. Flor, Carlos Villar; Villar Flor, Carlos Critical essay 12000
Henry James's civil war stories: the homefront experience and war romance. Zenari, Vivian Critical essay 19845
Heroes and victims. Cage, Caleb S. Essay 5528
Historical Dictionary of World War I Intelligence. Abbatiello, John Book review 712
History with a human face creative nonfiction and the oral histories of the Vietnam War. Griffin, Ross Critical essay 14348
How to Cuss in French. Presnell, Barbara Poem 259
How to Go Grocery Shopping with a Vietnam Veteran. Welch, Donald Poem 172
Human Terrain. Ritterbusch, Dale Poem 498
I'd Walk with My Friends If I Could Find Them. Goolsby, Jesse Novel 1304
In observance. Barney, Juliet Essay 414
Japan 1941: Countdown to Infamy. Jennings, John M. Book review 1048
Joyeux Noel and remembering the Christmas Truce of 1914. Emplaincourt, Shane A. Essay 11664
King Philip's War. Welch, Donald Poem 302
Kneel Until Your Knees Bleed: a Fable. Ritterbusch, Dale Poem 329
Leaving the War: Letter from Warrenton. Keplinger, David Poem 205
Letter to Annie Anderson Containing a Recipe for Coughs. Keplinger, David Poem 332
Mass nakedness in the imaginary of the nazis. Phillips, Kathy J. Critical essay 8873
Medevac. Adams, Amber Poem 126
Michael Casey's Obscenities: a critique of workaday brutality. Hill, Matthew B. Critical essay 12551
Mutilations: Custer. Collier, Taylor Poem 197
My friend walks with me: a conversation with Jesse Goolsby. Lingle, Brandon Interview 4381
Negative Space. Gray, D.A. Poem 322
No God for Dog. Pitts, Phillip Poem 205
No Man's War: an interview with Angela Ricketts. Harrington, Kathleen Interview 5521
No trench required: validating the voices of female poets of WWI. Geiger, Maria Critical essay 5776
Nong Chan Camp, 1980 (rice in her mouth). Schreiber, Larry 1252
Numbers. Hicks, Patrick Novel 5327
Obliteration: the camouflaged body, Australia, and photography in modern war. Elias, Ann Critical essay 5297
Old school new school. Light, Frank 5631
On patriotism & the language of GWOT. Schultz, Katey 2811
Platoon: a retrospective by Jonathan Lighter. Lighter, Jonathan E. Critical essay 2057
Powder Monkey. Anderson, D. Brian 288
Preface: collaborating with the dead. Keplinger, David Biography 724
Rendering war in Prismacolor: a conversation with Richard Johnson. Lingle, Brandon Interview 4483
Responding to the effect of the Holocaust in the present: a comparison of narrative strategies in Time's Arrow, A Blessing on the Moon and The Reader. Jorgensen, Nina H.B. Critical essay 3802
Resurrection (a Fable). Palmer, H.C. Poem 438
Rupert Brooke and Isaac Rosenberg: myth, modernity, and the destabilization of "Georgian War Poetry". Magella, Robert Critical essay 14917
Saigon Crabs. Pappas, Jimmy 216
Sand Opera. Nersessova, Irina Book review 1377
Sestina for Finn. Bollinger, Levi Poem 520
Signs. Schlack, Julie Wittes 2818
Sinjar. McLean, Andrew (American Army officer) Short story 6961
Soldiering. Anderson, D. Brian Poem 248
Sweeping. Boutilier, Nancy W. Poem 304
Take What You Get. Hauer, Claudia Short story 2589
The Baron's Cloak A History of The Russian Empire in War and Revolution. Swain, Kristine Book review 2219
The cave of clay urns. Praino, Thomas D. 2383
The Dead on Culpepper Road. Keplinger, David Poem 145
The Double. Fisher, Lisa Gray Poem 229
The home front waste land: Williams, Zukofsky, and epistemology after Eliot. Kritikos, Dean Critical essay 8915
The hornet among us. Crenshaw, Paul Essay 2222
The last campaign of John Brown's Body: West Point and America's forgotten Civil War epic. Buinicki, Martin T.; Owens, David M. Critical essay 10997
The Lotus and the Storm. Quan Manh Ha Book review 2509
The new heroism. Wexler, Joyce Piell Critical essay 5458
The Oxford Illustrated History of the First World War. Kennedy, Michael David Book review 1528
The Philosophy of War Films. Prorokova, Tatiana Book review 2484
The Research Dermatologist and I, the Army Photographer. McBride, Greg Poem 238
The Spanish-American war as a bourgeois testing ground: Richard Harding Davis, Frank Norris and Stephen Crane. Kramer, David Critical essay 12917
The War Reporter Paul Watson and the Boys in a Crater. O'Brien, Dan (American playwright) Poem 291
The War Reporter Paul Watson at the Courthouse/Jail. O'Brien, Dan (American playwright) Poem 279
The War Reporter Paul Watson on How Times Change. O'Brien, Dan (American playwright) Poem 224
Theater of Cruelty: Art, Film, and the Shadows of War. Canning, Charlie Book review 1424
Uncle. Montag, Kassandra Poem 337
Vukovar Walls. Bassis, Aileen Poem 234
War Chatter: --from Gathering Noise from My Life: A Camouflaged Memoir. Anderson, Donald (American editor) Nonfiction work 9588
Wars, near and far. Fillingim, Malinda 1475
What a hammer can do. Newman, J.F. 1253
When They Found You. Hohenstein, Anne Poem 133
Whitewashing WWII sexual memory. Clayton, Daniel M. Essay 11026
Women's/war stories: the female Gothic and women's war trauma in Helen Benedict's Sand Queen. Haytock, Jennifer Critical essay 7919
You Are Not Forgotten: The Story of a Lost WWII Pilot and a Twenty-First Century Soldier's Mission to Bring Him Home. Copeland, Jeffrey C. Book review 1143

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