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Articles from War, Literature & The Arts (January 1, 2012)

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"Long time gone:" the year Dirty Harry was shot. Butler, David D. Essay 3206
"The House-top": Melville's poem of force. Grieve-Carlson, Gary Critical essay 4511
108 degrees under partly cloudy skies. Moreau, Dan Essay 1447
A History Lesson at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Palmer, H.C. Poem 205
A mathematical geography. Ritterbusch, Dale Essay 562
A Memorandum for Theater: Northern Italy, 25 July 1944. Praino, Thomas D. Play 3005
A Season for War. Palmer, H.C. Poem 426
Achilles among the maidens. Corley, Liam Essay 3467
Acoustic Shadows. Edwards, Brian (British editor) Poem 139
Atomic Blizzard. Morgan, J.W.M. Short story 1317
Battle Fatigue. Morton, Colin Poem 133
Ben Fountain interviewed by David Lawrence. Lawrence, David Interview 4014
Between Here and Monkey Mountain. Gant, Tammy L. Book review 881
Birmingham Etudes, 1943. Soli, Sandra Poem 375
Black Wings. Boyle, Katherine Book review 545
Bracing for Threnodies. Miles, Christopher Lee Poem 308
Break Room at the Ammo Plant. Palmer, H.C. Poem 240
Brian Turner interviewed by Patrick Hicks. Hicks, Patrick Interview 12354
Camouflage and surrealism. Elias, Ann Critical essay 7191
Darkest Congo. Riddle, David (American writer) Poem 336
Deep Seas. Koenig, Gretchen Poem 246
Escape. Boren, Sari M. 2249
Freedom's Forge: How American Business Produced Victory in World War II. Rein, Christopher M. Book review 1043
Fresh Meat. Cuen, Leigh Essay 1242
From Dust to Dust: A Memoir. Busch, Benjamin Excerpt 3781
Gender as colonial exploitation in French Indochina: concubines in selected pre-1965 novels published in or translated to English. Critical essay 5382
How to Not Tell a War Story. Lund, Michael Short story 3360
Ice Bowl. Ritterbusch, Dale Poem 524
Interpreters of violence: novels and memoirs about female journalists of the Vietnam War. Ryan, Maureen (American educator) Critical essay 5711
Invasion USA. Mohr, Anthony J. Essay 2884
Kanan Majeed, Lawyer. Sullivan, David (American educator) Poem 213
Lecture on Stalingrad. Stenta, Gregory Poem 331
Letter by a French Soldier, 1916, Found at Verdun. Mosson, Gregg Poem 291
Like a Mall of Moths Bereft. Vian, Jack Sonnet 237
Male Armor. Dumm, Brian Book review 632
Mathew B. Brady Shows His Last Photograph. Tudor, Amy Poem 437
Mission Creep. Leblanc, Caroline A. Poem 228
Mothers-in-Arms: soldiers' emotional bonds and Homeric similes. Hackney, Casey Due; Ebbott, Mary Critical essay 7366
No Cheating. Murphy, Rich Poem 354
O Vivifying Bones. Starnes, Sofia M. Poem 239
ODS slideshow (1991). Tift, Beverly A. Essay 501
Paul Fussell: a remembrance. Ehrhart, W.D. In memoriam 2066
Pearl Harbor Christmas: A World at War, December 1941. Dusch, Charles D., Jr. Book review 490
Pepperoni Peace. Murphy, Rich Poem 297
Phalanx. Mena, Gerardo Essay 392
Philoctetes in Iraq. Honeywell, Claudia Book review 2134
Poet Arrested on Pier. McCrorie, Edward P. Poem 566
Poet in Khaki: Alun Lewis and his combat writings. Roy, Pinaki Critical essay 11274
Raid. Martin, Hugh (American writer) Poem 274
Ralph Vaughan Williams' long journey out of war. Beidler, Philip Critical essay 6262
Reality and anti-reality in WWI and WWII memoirs. Martin, Travis L. Critical essay 5268
Remembering Daniel Pearl, or West vs. West. Trocha-van Nort, Andrea Book review 3598
Requital for Fire. Rifenburgh, Daniel Poem 213
Responding to an Explosion in Qarah Tappah. Martin, Hugh (American writer) Poem 298
Ridiculous impingements of normalcy: home fronts, good soldiers, war correspondents. Wilson, Christopher P. Critical essay 11266
Set the Atoms Humming and Arrange the Humming. Miles, Christopher Lee Poem 290
So Badly Prepared for Life. Cox, Joseph T. Poem 341
Stalin's General: The Life of Georgy Zhukov. Zeller, Lindsay R. Book review 1325
Strains of failed populism in Stephen Crane's Spanish War stories. Kramer, David Critical essay 9719
Swords into words: transformational war literature for young people. Hughes, Chloe Critical essay 7966
The "Fallout" Poem. Rajendran, Arjun Poem 187
The anti-Modernist quality of Ezra Pound's The Fifth Decad of Cantos (Cantos XLII--LI). Farahbakhsh, Alireza Critical essay 5923
The Catastrophe. Rifenburgh, Daniel Poem 239
The City We Lived in After the War. Bellows, Sierra Short story 2504
The Colonel's Bicycle. Hayes, Jordan Essay 3717
The Envoy: The Epic Rescue of the Last Jews of Europe in the Desperate Closing Months of World War II. Jones, Benjamin F. Book review 1133
The Flag of Cucumber. Straight, Steve Poem 520
The heights. Miller, Ian (American educator) Essay 1002
The Lottery. Meek, Ed Poem 148
The narration and visualization of rape and the inadvertent subversion of the anti-war message in Brian De Palma's Redacted and Casualties of War. Sokolowska-Paryz, Marzena Critical essay 5328
The New War. Bernstein, Lisa Poem 325
The pity of war poetry. Ehrhart, W.D. 505
The Real One Percent. Cox, Joseph T. Poem 222
The Snows of August. Jackson, Brian Poem 388
The Storm Before Atlanta. Gant, Tammy L. Book review 1098
Three tips for those returning from deployments: a memoir. Yngve, Rolf Essay 6183
Under a crying sky: a suite of poems. Lifshin, Lyn Essay 1600
Vietnam and verisimilitude: rethinking the relationship between "postmodern war" and naturalism. Hawkins, Ty Critical essay 8848
War Cam. Martoccia, Randall Poem 365
War Haiku. Arbuthnot, Nancy Poem 242
War stories. Gorry, Tony Essay 3873
What We Sign Up For. Moad, James Book review 706
When the war began. Crenshaw, Paul 2843

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