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Wanted: old champs.

Enjoy the 2004-2005 National Register of Big Trees in this issue, then get ready to help us with some changes for the 2006 Register.

Starting then, we'll have a "10 Year" rule: To stay on the list, all champs will need to have been remeasured within 10 years. We plan to make a few exceptions for trees in extremely remote locations, trees like Idaho's national champ white-bark pine, which requires a three-day hike to reach.

The new rule comes at the behest of Big Tree hunters and coordinators who attended a workshop in September 2003. With insects, disease, and fire threatening our forests, we worry that some champs may no longer be alive.

We hope this year's Register will inspire you to hunt for new champs and help us remeasure the old. Find out more on our website,
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Date:Mar 22, 2004
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