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Want a New Year's Resolution? Don't Be Like Logan Paul.

Is there anything more goyish than New Year's resolutions? The resolving mind, after all, is long on hope and short on blueprints; it aspires, in good faith, and it believes that the gusts of change are forever about to blow. Judaism, bless it, is designed differently, asserting that if there's something that ought to be done at all, there ought to be 93 rabbinic opinions, at least a third of them contradictory, prescribing precisely each step of the process. Had we the benefit of the Tannaim, the great compilers of the Mishnah, still ambling in our midst today, you can be sure that rather than a cheerful "I should work out more in 2018" we would've received a new Talmudic tomeTractate Crossfit, perhapsdetailing precisely how many workouts a week are advised, and which blessing must be recited upon munching on a Kind bar.

And yet, even the most hardened among us feel, come the first week of January, the need to mutter something committing-sounding. Maybe, then, we can resolve this year to abandon our fleeting and modest personal aspirations and instead lend our hearts to one urgent collective call: It's time to get the hell offline.

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Author:Leibovitz, Liel
Publication:Tablet Magazine
Date:Jan 5, 2018
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