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Wanna be a rock star? Make sure you get towels.

ROCK'N'ROLL is not what it once was. Riders - the list provided by famous types to venues of their backstage requirements - have long been the source of stories of rock and roll excess, but not any more, it seems.

Hot on the heels of news that Scott Disick brought his own sheets and TV when he stayed in Liverpool (was he worried about not being able to work the remote control?) we look back at some of the more unusual rider requests over the years.

Forget 1,000 brown M&Ms in a brandy glass, it seems that if you want to win friends among the world's biggest musicians, towels are your best bet.

e Who requested 100 large clean bath towels, along with an urn of organic chicken and vegetable soup, organic anchovies and rollmops and power to run hairdryers and an iron when they played in Liverpool.

Keane also asked for soup, along with 24 black towels, on their never-ending list.

Joss Stone's dressing room also smells sweet, with scented candles and incense on her list, along with yes, you've guessed it, towels - eight large ones and an unspeci"ed number of black hand-towels.

Never ones to let the side down, old-style ska legends Madness go for a suitably macho rider of alcohol and cigarettes. No organic fruit or towels on there, although their six packets of Blue Xtra sugarfree chewing gum make sure the minty fresh all day.

When he came to Liverpool for the MOBO's R&B star Nelly ordered huge platters of Subway sandwiches, alongside hundreds of Krispy Kreme doughnuts and spicy nuts and marinated olives from Nando's - which he shared with the crew.

At Cream's 20th anniversary party, Swedish House Ma"a requested miscellaneous cold cuts and vegetables, preferably Boar's Head (that's a NY brand, not a pig's body part), a bottle of Fiji spring water, Grey Goose vodka and lemon avoured iced tea.

DJ Paul van Dyk, meanwhile, asked for a pot of coee to be delivered to the decks for him.

Diana Ross has her own furniture brought into her dressing room, along with a 'love seat', which worried the crew when they heart it described. ankfully it was just a small sofa.

e Levellers' request at the Eclectica festival in St Helens took sta backstage a little by surprise. e festival favourites requested still water and a single can of cold Guinness to be delivered to them at the side of the stage.

Meanwhile Wirral lads the Coral ask for a toaster, bread and butter.

Who said rock'n'roll was


Scott Disick in Liverpool | |nightclub Kingdom DAV AVA E THE PAP/BOND MEDIA AGENCY

R&B star Nelly ordered Subway | |sandwiches and Krispy Kreme doughnuts when he was in Liverpool

Joss | |Stone loves scented candles in her dressing roomSTEVE PORTER

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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Mar 16, 2015
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