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Wandering Myths: Transcultural Uses of Myth in the Ancient World.


Wandering Myths: Transcultural Uses of Myth in the Ancient World

Edited by Lucy Audley-Miller and Beate Dignas

De Gruyter


427 pages




Contributing a transcultural perspective to the vast literature on ancient myths around the Mediterranean and Near East, scholars from a number of disciplines discuss changing cultural and mythical landscapes in Anatolia, reception and innovation of mythological programs between Greece and Italy, and wandering east and south. Among their topics are making meaning of myth: the interpretation of mythological imagery in the Polyxena Sarcophagus and the Kizilbel Tomb and the history of Achaemenid Asia Minor, from Mezntie to Mezentius: the stratigraphy of a myth in Etruria and Rome, distributive narrative: a very short history of juxtaposing myths on Pompeian walls, Gilgamesh and Homer: the missing link, and the transformations of Achilles on late Roman mosaics in the east. (Ringgold, Inc., Portland, OR)

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Article Type:Book review
Date:Apr 1, 2019
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