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A golden opportunity squandered. Jul 1, 2022 746
Ukraine--the deadly chessboard. May 1, 2022 772
Beginning of the Afro-Asian Spring? Essay May 1, 2022 1314
We are winning the war over stolen artefacts. Dec 1, 2021 751
Supping with the devil. Oct 1, 2021 715
Rekindling young hope. Aug 1, 2021 709
The dangers of ceding sovereignty: By inviting the US's Africom to help resolve its security issues, Nigeria is once again ceding sovereignty to outside powers, and is in danger of repeating the mistakes and unwanted outcomes of the past. Jun 1, 2021 693
How to build 500m affordable African homes. Apr 1, 2021 283
Old customs versus modern demands: While we talk about a continent-wide free trade area, we should not forget the various cultural and customary points of tension which work against free trade, even within smaller social groups, for example, herders versus farmers. Apr 1, 2021 715
Lessons from a year of Covid-19. Feb 1, 2021 724
The future of America and the world: As the US election draws nearer, what Is at stake for both America as well as the world? Oct 1, 2020 704
Each icon is a story of the past. Aug 1, 2020 1689
Respecting the remains of human icons. Aug 1, 2020 1173
Why African lives don't matter: A complex combination of internal and external perceptions and beliefs has led to the devaluing of Black African lives. Aug 1, 2020 710
Don't be too harsh on China: We should be careful not to fall into the US-led trap of condemning China without due care and attention. Jun 1, 2020 700
Do we really want looted icons back? The pressure to return looted African artifacts to the homeland is growing; but the question remains, what is their true value to modern Africa? Apr 1, 2020 707
The profits of reuniting the African world. Feb 1, 2020 736
Diaspora billions await harnessing. Dec 1, 2019 697
Neither east nor west--we face forward. Oct 1, 2019 745
Regaining our dignity: Four events occurred over the past month--two deeply insulting to Africa, two promising a new era of economic independence and hence dignity. Aug 1, 2019 719
Why cultural change is so difficult. Jul 1, 2019 723
African on-African xenophobia. Column May 1, 2019 694
'Just manage' does not cut it: 'Just manage it', a phrase which is heard with increasing frequency in Africa, merely exposes our deep-seated lack of self-esteem and how we short-change ourselves. Column Apr 1, 2019 677
History doesn't repeat, but it rhymes. Mar 1, 2019 699
Masquerading Africa. Essay Feb 1, 2019 725
Serious engagement with the diaspora. Column Jan 1, 2019 566
The scales of Maat. Dec 1, 2018 724
Back-up politics: One way to deal with ineffective leaders is to bypass them and form your own parallel governance and delivery system. Nov 1, 2018 690
What does Theresa May's African dance signify? Does the UK Premier's recent visit to a few African countries signal a new relationship with the continent or merely a reinforcement of a one-sided arrangement? Oct 1, 2018 680
Africa's client states. Jun 1, 2018 706
A Wakanda rooted in reality: The film Black Panther presents an enticing fantasy of a Utopian kingdom based on African values; but why are we neglecting the reality of the most incredible heritage in the world that Africa possesses? May 1, 2018 716
Africa's population time-bomb. Mar 1, 2018 753
SADC needs to go beyond liberation-era politics: Many of the ruling parties in SADC countries are rooted in the liberation war, while internal renewal must take place via a post-liberation struggle generation. Feb 1, 2018 692
Slave auctions--some home truths. Jan 1, 2018 767
Reformation without reform: Recent celebrations marking 500 years of the Protestant Reformation and the wider impact of Martin Luther's revolution on Europe, and in particular the UK, provide interesting insights for Africa. Dec 1, 2017 704
Nuclear weapons and Africa. Oct 1, 2017 750
European colonialism redux? Aug 1, 2017 765
People, not leaders, are the masters: a new pan-African civilian-led movement is determined to fight for African dignity and justice and this time, it is not waiting for governments to take the lead but expects leaders to bow to the wishes of the people in whose name they govern. Jul 1, 2017 703
Nigerian precursor of Google. Jun 1, 2017 737
Failing to learn from history. May 1, 2017 730
Faith and unity an explosive mix? The 50th anniversary of the Biafran civil war has opened up fresh discussions over the relevance of the motto on Nigeria's national coat of arms and therefore its sense of direction. Apr 1, 2017 717
Morbid symptoms of the new age. Mar 1, 2017 736
Looking to Ghana. Feb 1, 2017 713
The politics of giving--and receiving: Trumpism and the anti-immigration and white nationalist populism convulsing Europe will mean less attention and support for Africa in 2017. Self-reliance is firmly on the agenda again. Jan 1, 2017 650
Obama: the final verdict. Oct 1, 2016 757
The Old Silk Road and a new world order: the entry of Pakistan and India into the Shanghai Co-operation Council may well confirm that power has shifted East. Aug 1, 2016 707
Haiti and the AU: the dilemma of African globality: the failed bid by Haiti to become an official AU member opens up important reflections on the state of the pan-African project and the treatment of the diaspora. Jul 1, 2016 692
Conspiring for change. Jun 1, 2016 684
A mask for Zuma. May 1, 2016 687
Back to the Djed Column: a continent with a begging bowl in hand cannot simply appeal to the better nature of its benefactors; it needs to rediscover the rituals that once made it great. Column Apr 1, 2016 669
Means and intentions: Nigeria should focus on local and African concerns rather than the North Korean rocket launch. Essay Mar 1, 2016 651
Religion and global politics: religious alliances have always played an important role in global affairs, and as recent events show this is set to increase. Feb 1, 2016 579
The ghost of Biafra. Jan 1, 2016 608
Beyond #FeesMustFall. Dec 1, 2015 620
Harcourt must fall. Nov 1, 2015 649
The real refugee crisis. Oct 1, 2015 629
Greek tragedy. Aug 1, 2015 646
Best of times, the worst of times. Jul 1, 2015 627
Tradition versus modernity. Column Jun 1, 2015 616
Corruption and nation-building. May 1, 2015 619
Africa and new trade routes. Column Apr 1, 2015 658
The power of unity in conflict. Mar 1, 2015 616
Nigeria: What next? Feb 1, 2015 603
Mandela's place in history. Dec 1, 2014 2063
Hospital heroes. Dec 1, 2014 679
Obama and his 'friends'. Column Nov 1, 2014 658
Land equals freedom. Aug 1, 2014 680
Separating symbolism from reality? Column Jul 1, 2014 656
Missing in plain view: the poor, defenceless schoolgirls of Chibok have exposed a number of important things that have been in plain view for a while. Column Jun 1, 2014 601
Nigeria: saving the marriage. Apr 1, 2014 669
Nigeria: Born in 1914: as 2014 begins, many have remarked on the similarities with a century ago, when the first major European war loomed, triggered by an unstable and highly competitive international system. Jan 1, 2014 611
How many gone: the death of hundreds of African migrants off the Italian island of Lampedusa has finally brought home the fact that, like the Atlantic Ocean hundreds of years ago, the Mediterranean is increasing becoming an African graveyard. Dec 1, 2013 605
The tactics of terror: following the recent death of the Vietnamese war hero general Giap (pictured below), thinking about his tactics, strategy, and the costs of long-term objectives, is particularly useful in the light of the increasingly brutal acts of jihadists in their wars in Africa. Nov 1, 2013 604
Turning borders into nations: most of us in Africa inherited our countries, seeking to turn them into nations. Pre-independence negotiations agreed on the structure of the state--or what we kept and what was given up to the centre, including how resources were to be distributed. Column Oct 1, 2013 616
Nationhood and the two M's: as Nelson Mandela transitions to the ancestral realm, the past weeks bring into sharp relief the enormity of his achievements and those of his generation of freedom fighters in South Africa. And why he has already become a mythic figure in Africa. Aug 1, 2013 592
Let's sing a new song: as talk about the post-2015 MDG architecture gathers momentum, a new framework would need to incorporate critical new enablers of structural transformation and harness the resources of the diaspora--who should be recognised as a global partner for development. Jul 1, 2013 546
Ending colonial impunity: the news that the British government has agreed in principle to compensate the torture victims of the 1950s Land Wars in Kenya, otherwise known as Mau Mau, is earth-shaking. Jun 1, 2013 645
A future made in Africa? The choice is ours. Essay May 1, 2013 577
What does Uhuru mean? What message are the people of Kenya sending to the world, especially the West, with the election of Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto even though they face ICC charges? Essay Apr 1, 2013 607
Deepening African unity: the OAU/AU has spent 50 years setting up structures and establishing norms of behaviour. It is now time to implement an accelerated movement towards the reality of unity. Column Mar 1, 2013 646
East or west? Which of the leadership models--America's or China's--will deliver better economic dividends in 10 years time, and which will Africans increasingly favour? Essay Feb 1, 2013 659
From liberation to normal politics: if credible opposition parties cannot come from outside the liberation circle in Southern Africa, then perhaps it is time for the liberation parties in the region to split, creating a space for "normal" politics to resume. Dec 1, 2012 639
African gods came down to earth: at a time of rising religious intolerance on our continent, rather than waste energy on events outside our sphere of influence, it is better that perhaps we think about the things we control--like our attitude to belief. Some of us believe the drama of religion is here on earth. Column Nov 1, 2012 678
Marikana and the unfinished liberation: colonialism did three profound things: firstly there was military conquest, then it imposed a new racial order and finally, it enforced a new economic order on the colonised. Oct 1, 2012 597
Hope & change 2012: based on President Barack Obama's achievements so far, would I vote for him for a second term? Yes, if I were an American. No, if I had a vote as an African. Column Aug 1, 2012 687
The time of our lives: as the African-American poet, Arthur Flowers, once wrote--"what we know in our heads, our children will know in their hearts, our generations in their soul". Please take three minutes out on 1 August in silent remembrance of our dead. Jul 1, 2012 668
Prophet of the African soul: sometimes we wait too long to say thanks to people who have profoundly impacted and shaped us. Having just read Chinua Achebe's latest book of essays, now is a good tine to celebrate this literary giant who single-handedly gave many of us a 'useful African past'. Jun 1, 2012 665
From Tripoli to Bamako: when sarkozy, Cameron and Obama planned regime change in Libya, did it occur to them that it might jeopardise democracy in Mali, create a humanitarian catastrophe, and split the country? Column May 1, 2012 604
The defensive shield: the warrior instinct is ritualised and celebrated all over Africa. At least four African national flags contain weapons or shields. But African military capabilities are not always the force they should be. Apr 1, 2012 664
Quarrels of the "children of Abraham": our loss of faith in our ability to turn around our continent has us searching the sky for answers. But to quote Shakespeare: "the fault ... is not in our stars but in our selves ...". Column Feb 1, 2012 645
Confronting ourselves in Nigeria: the slogan of federal leader Yakubu Gowon (pictured below) at the time of the Nigerian civil war was:" to keep Nigeria as one is a task that must be done." How true have Nigerians been to this principle - so far? Jan 1, 2012 618
Breach of trust and the festival syndrome: some argue that an issue holding back African development is low levels of trust. Events in the aftermath of the recent world festival of black arts, FESMAN III, held in Senegal, are a case in point. Dec 1, 2011 676
Home values, foreign interest: foreign policy is a difficult balance between a country's values and the interests it wants to protect. Many struggle to get the balance right. Recent happenings at the Security Council prove a case in point. Nov 1, 2011 660
The end of the affair? What does the defeat of Muammar AlGathafi (pictured below) mean to Africa? A lot, including the disunity of the African Union itself. Column Oct 1, 2011 646
Reflections on September 11: they say you never really know people until you have seen them act under immense pressure. It has been fascinating watching the behaviour of the US in the 10 years following the events of September 11. Aug 1, 2011 639
Freeing ourselves from domination: please spare 3 minutes of silence on 1 August for all the victims of the Arab and TransAtlantic slavery and other new oppressions in Africa. Jul 1, 2011 623
Lethal force, law and morality: if you drop a bomb on a high-level target, surrounded by family members, and you ignore these civilians in your pursuit of the target--what really is the difference between your tactics and those of the "terrorists" who use suicide bombers to attack what they perceive as significant targets but care not who they blow up? Jun 1, 2011 721
Nine spring lessons for the autumn: African leaders today imagine that they are smarter and wiser than previous leaders who were colonised back in the 19th century. But watching events this spring, it is now easier to understand how occupation happened in Africa. May 1, 2011 604
Pax Africana 3: France has recognised the Libyan rebels, and the UN security council (photo below) has ordered foreign "intervention" to save civilians. Once we lose the authority to internally resolve our own conflicts in Africa, opportunities are presented to powerful outside powers, with their own interests and agendas, to intervene. Apr 1, 2011 739
The Egyptian awakening: as 30 years of pent-up anger erupted, the Egyptian people showed who really wielded power by overthrowing their longstanding leader, Hosni Mubarak. Onyekachi Wambu analyses the Egyptian people's revolution that came on the heels of the earlier one in Tunisia, and asks: will lessons from North Africa reverberate throughout the continent? Mar 1, 2011 2003

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