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Walmart's Stills Named to RIMS 2019 Risk Management Honor Roll.

Byline: Stephanie K. Jones

Walmart's Stills Named to RIMS 2019 Risk Management Honor Roll

David Stills, vice president, Global Risk Management at Arkansas-based Walmart Inc. has been named to the Risk Management Honor Roll by RIMS, the risk management society.

Stills leads a team of over 550 risk management and risk finance professionals who collectively have responsibility for Walmart's Global Risk Management Division.

His responsibilities include global property insurance, global management liability insurance, global casualty and excess casualty insurance, global cyber insurance, aviation and FBO insurance, and all other global insurance programs. He also has responsibility for insurance claims impacting the globally-relevant policies and management of Walmart's captive insurance company. Annually, Stills' team manages more than 180,000 casualty claims.

The risk management team at Walmart embraces the company's focus on technology to improve productivity. Among its many accomplishments, the team has implemented processes for instant closed circuit television access in its stores and clubs, case manager Scorecards to better identify, emulate, teach and reward best practices, a mobile app for a more efficient accident intake, bot technology and more.

Collectively, these advancements will fuel more than $6 million in annual claims administrative cost savings, generate significant time savings at the store level and improve the quality of claims outcomes.

Stills and his team also created a dynamic Casualty Allocation System (CAS) that allows Walmart to allocate the ultimate costs of accidents to the stores faster. CAS is now utilized in the more than 5,000 Walmart, Sam's Club and supply chain locations in the U.S. and Puerto Rico. In its first year, CAS has resulted in an over $90 million favorable and sustained actuarial adjustment.

Stills is board director for the Workers' Compensation Research Institute, past chairman of the Association for Responsible Alternatives to Workers' Compensation, a founding member of the Medicare Advocacy Recovery Coalition and a frequent speaker at RIMS events and conferences.

"David Stills has embraced the evolving, more strategic role expected of today's risk professional. Deservingly, we proudly welcome Mr. Stills to RIMS Risk Management Honor Roll and recognize him for his extraordinary success advancing Walmart's robust risk management program," RIMS CEO Mary Roth said in an announcement.

Stills, along with the ( RIMS 2019 Risk Manager of the Year, Luke Figora, will be recognized at RIMS 2019 Annual Conference & Exhibition scheduled for April 28 through May 1 in Boston.

Source: RIMS

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Author:Jones, Stephanie K.
Publication:Insurance Journal
Date:Mar 7, 2019
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