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Wally's has natural ear wax remedy.

AUBURN, Calif.--At Wally's Natural Inc., providing an all-natural ear candle that consumers can use to help dissolve wax buildup in the ear is the key to success.

"Our ear candles have proven to sell very well at both natural and conventional retailers nationwide," says Daniel Fox, marketing director at Wally's Natural. "Products of this kind offer buyers the opportunity to make incremental sales in their aisle while keeping the consumer in the store. The results are a happy consumer, because they didn't have to go to another shop, and a happy buyer because of the increased ring."

Ear candling is a method of ear wax removal in which the tapered end of an ear candle is inserted into the ear while the other end of the candle is lit. The candle's flame creates a partial vacuum that, according to devotees, draws wax and other impurities from the ear canal.

Wally's Natural is the only ear candle supplier to develop a wax infusion technique that blends the wax and oils directly into unbleached cotton muslin, producing a more consistent burn, the company says on its website. "We take pride in every single handcrafted candle we produce. Living up to our motto of 'quality without compromise,' all of our candles are manufactured in a quality-controlled environment that eliminates environmental pollutants such as dust, airborne microbes, aerosol particles and chemical vapors. Each candle is also subjected to a strict three-point inspection at every stage of production to eliminate any defects or inconsistency.

"Our certified organic oils are also put through similar quality control processes to ensure that we are providing the safest, most consistent product possible to our customers."

Some audiologists and other doctors have panned the candles as ineffective and potentially harmful due to the placement of a flame close to the user's head.

Buyers of ear candles are looking for a product that offers a holistic relaxation experience, notes Fox. Some cite a desire for an alternative to antibiotics to treat ear infections and the like. Ear candling is sometimes undertaken by people trying it as a cure for conditions ranging from sinus headaches to swimmer's ear.

The company notes that it distributes its products to more than 20,000 stores worldwide. "Wally's Natural is proud to remain the No. 1 ear candle manufacturer in America," the company says. "Wally's was the first to introduce picture-illustrated instructions. We have pioneered the industry by fulfilling our promise of providing the highest-quality candles to our customers."

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Date:Aug 1, 2016
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