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Wallace sure to face red card in Dail.

MICK Wallace's tenure in the Dail hangs by a thread - not that this appears to bother the pink-shirted Deputy unduly this morning as he packs his bags for the Euros.

Deputy Wallace had the option of cancelling his trip as the storm escalated over an unpaid tax bill - including penalties - of EUR2.1million.

But as of last night, the optics were all wrong as he merrily joined the Green Army bandwagon in Poland.

Maybe the services of a good PR consultant would have been the preferred option for the TD, who admits breaking the law by vastly under-declaring his firm's exposure to VAT.

However long his jaunt to the Euros lasts, Wallace faces a fresh barrage of calls for him to quit his Dail seat based on the tax affairs of MJ Wallace Ltd.

How can he square his position as a legislator with that of a tax defaulter? The simple reality is that he cannot. But many have sympathy for him, having employed 60 people before his company, like so many others, succumbed to the slow demise of the construction trade as the Celtic Tiger's roar was silenced.

While that job creation may be seen as admirable, Deputy Wallace has foolishly compromised himself.

He can never hold the high moral ground in the Dail and accuse any of his fellow TDs of wrongdoing after his stark admission.

No one knows how Trapattoni's lads will fare in the Euros. Deputy Wallace's fate seems a little easier to predict.
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Title Annotation:Editorial; Opinion, Leading articles
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jun 8, 2012
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