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Wall tacks.


WALL TACKS are great for apartments, dorms or for anyone who likes to decorate. The NOWACK TACK[TM] is a small device that consists of two plastic disks. The top disk has four steel tine attachments. These tines pass through the lower disk and are deflected outwards. When placed against a wall, the tines are guiding into the wall and splay outwards into drywall. The top disk snaps into the lower disk and the opposing tines prevent the device from coming away from the wall This product requires no tools and is easy to use. The NOWAK TACK method will not damage drywall, pierce the vapor barrier or hit pipes, wires and studs. To remove, unsnap the product and it pulls easily from the wall, leaving only small holes that can be painted over; no spackle necessary.


(760) 868-2322, OR WWW.NOWACKTACK.COM

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Title Annotation:Product Report: What's New on the Market
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Date:Nov 1, 2008
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