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Wall street must invest in technical workforce.

Our nation's economic strength depends on manufacturing and technical development, NOT on Wall Street financial manipulations.

The current financial meltdown has been a public relations disaster and has angered the public and Congress. Bankers and Wall Street executives are viewed as con-artists who hold the American economy hostage for their insatiable greed. Why can't Wall Street be an army of philanthropists?

ATEA members must help reform the culture, and instill a mission of public service not only on Wall Street but Industrial firms as well.

My message to Wall Street is this:

Give back to the community--to the local charitable and cultural institutions, and especially to the two-year community colleges and their workforce training programs.

Invest In Your Clients' Workforce

The success of any bank or financial institution is driven by your clients. Your corporate clients are successful only if they have a well-trained workforce. Their success will drive YOUR success.

Two-year community and technical colleges are on the forefront of developing the workforce of tomorrow, and have pushed the "big-name" four-year colleges and universities to the side. Two-year Associate's Degrees are now the "gold-key" credential, especially in fields such as manufacturing technology and e-commerce.

While many Americans have put too much focus on four-year college degrees and high status management careers, technical and manufacturing technology programs at two-year colleges is the real key to any nation's economic future.

We don't need more engineers--we need more machinists, technicians, robotics, CAD/CAM and CNC technical specialists with applied technical training at the two-year Associate's Degree level.

Rick Carter, executive editor of Maintenance Technology ( magazine gave some pertinent suggestions in the October 2010 issue (page 13). They are from the readers' panel, composed of maintenance and reliability professionals and subscribers who volunteered for the panel. Among them:

* Every industrial plant or facility should adopt a local high school and community college to foster an interest in technical and manufacturing careers among young people.

* Local junior, community, and technical colleges and businesses should advertise the needs and benefits of two-year technical programs and careers.

The magazine is also looking for people to serve on their industry forum. This could be a great way for ATEA members to network with professionals across the country and to generate more support for ATEA and 2-year technical programs. For info, contact Rick Carter at rcarter@

ATEA members can network with local business groups such as workforce boards, Rotary, etc. to generate support for 2-year technical programs. Many cities have local industry or economic development councils that are often part of the local chamber of commerce. Banks, accounting, and venture capital firms who have technical and manufacturing clients should also be encouraged to adopt community and technical colleges.

The financial firms should be encouraged to join ATEA as corporate members and be fully involved in technical education. By investing in the workforce of their client firms, the financial sector is also ensuring the future success of themselves. Local and Wall Street firms must be involved with organizations such as SkillsUSA (www., the Council for Advanced Manufacturing (, state workforce boards, and of course, ATEA.

Wall Street must make investment in manufacturing and workforce training their TOP priority. Investment in America's manufacturing sector will bring forth financial prosperity for all.

Banks and Wall Street firms must realize that their role is NOT to RULE the world, but rather to SERVE it.

Glen W Spielbauer is a Life Member of ATEA
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Author:Spielbauer, Glen W.
Publication:ATEA Journal
Date:Mar 22, 2011
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