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Wall of glass added a bright entry and sitting area.

Daylight and solar heat were the big gains from this front-of-the-house remodel. Adding a 26-foot-long glass room to the center of the U-shaped plan created a new entry and informal sitting area while opening the indorrs to southeast sunlight.

Before, a wall with a narrow window kept the interior dark. Architect Victor H. Lee of Menlo Park, California, removed the window, framed a 12-foot-long opening in the wall, and added an 8-foot-wide concrete slab in front of the opening.

He then mounted ready-made, double-glazed greenhouse sections to the exterior. (The triangular roof sections at each end were custom-made.) Tan-colored tiles covering the slab bounce light into other rooms, and the slab's mass stores solar energy for winter warmth.

To exhaust heat in summer, the new room has openable ground-level windows and narrow vents along the ridge where the glass roof meets the house. Overhead mini-blinds help provide shade.

Glass pocket doors stored in their own housing can close off the room from the rest of the house. In summer, they keep warm air from entering other rooms; in winter, at night, or on cloudy days, they prevent heat loss to the new room.
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Date:Nov 1, 1985
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