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ImagineAR augmented reality tech to power virtual holiday walking tours in Mississauga. Nov 24, 2020 534
Take a walk, improve your mood. Nov 7, 2020 709
The 'almost' walking dead. Nov 2, 2020 773
Walking back to fitness; YOUR VOICE. Edited by FIONA PARKER Oct 29, 2020 158
It's underrated, but walking is one of the most practical workouts. Oct 6, 2020 826
In pole position for Nordic walking. JUDI SPIERS Oct 5, 2020 625
'Mindless' attack after road row leaves granddad, 72, lying in street with broken jaw; Dennis Crowe, 72, was walking home in Eccles, Salford, when he claims a young motorist sped round the corner and almost hit him, before a confrontation saw the pensioner savagely beaten. By, Zara Whelan & Ryan Merrifield Sep 29, 2020 492
Ditch the barriers and get walking. Jill U. Adams Special To The Washington Post Sep 28, 2020 1001
Ditch barriers to a good walk. Jill U. Adams Special To The Washington Post Sep 28, 2020 1001
A Novel Adjustable Damper Design for a Hybrid Passive Ankle Prosthesis. Naseri, Amirreza; Moghaddam, Majid Mohammadi; Gharini, Mohammad; Sharbafi, Maziar Ahmad Report Sep 1, 2020 8978
An LSTM-Based Prediction Method for Lower Limb Intention Perception by Integrative Analysis of Kinect Visual Signal. He, Jie; Guo, Zhexiao; Shao, Ziwei; Zhao, Junhao; Dan, Guo Aug 31, 2020 4301
The power of walking. JACKIE GRANT Aug 18, 2020 377
Only one in five are regularly walking on Merseyside; PEOPLE NOT GETTING OUT FOR THEIR RECOMMENDED EXERCISE Walking can bring a number of health benefits. ANNIE GOUK ECHO Data Journalist @AnnieGouk Aug 14, 2020 726
Thousands who never walk advised to get in step. ANNIE GOUK Reach Data Unit Aug 10, 2020 502
A journey to the fridge is as far as Kirklees folk go... NICK LAVIGUEUR and ANNIE GOUK Aug 7, 2020 660
Single-Actuator-Based Lower-Limb Soft Exoskeleton for Preswing Gait Assistance. Hsieh, Ming-Hwa; Huang, Yin Hsuan; Chao, Chia-Lun; Liu, Chien-Hao; Hsu, Wei-Li; Shih, Wen-Pin Report Jul 31, 2020 7055
Trotting Control of Load-Carrying Quadruped Walking Vehicle with Load Variations Based on the Centroidal Dynamics and Adaptive Sliding Mode Control. Tan, Yongying; Chao, Zhiqiang; Han, Shousong; Li, Huaying; Liu, Xiangbo Report Jul 31, 2020 6346
Associations between Physical Fitness, Bone Mass, and Structure in Older People. Moradell, A.; Gomez-Cabello, A.; Gomez-Bruton, A.; Muniz-Pardos, B.; Puyalto, J. Marin; Matute-Llore Report Jul 31, 2020 6257
Study: People who walk slowly face higher risk of contracting severe Covid-19. Jul 16, 2020 455
Locomotion Variations of Arch Index and Interlimb Symmetry in Shod and Barefoot Populations. Yu, Peimin; Liang, Minjun; Ren, Feng Report Jun 30, 2020 4206
How 'Tita Leslie' keeps 'titas' moving during lockdown. Jun 30, 2020 1776
Immediate Effect on Ground Reaction Forces Induced by Step Training Based on Discrete Skill during Gait in Poststroke Individuals: A Pilot Study. Wakida, Masanori; Ohata, Koji; Hashiguchi, Yu; Mori, Kimihiko; Hase, Kimitaka; Yamada, Shigehito Report Jun 30, 2020 5528
Effects of the Immobilization of the Upper Extremities on Spatiotemporal Gait Parameters during Walking in Stroke Patients: A Preliminary Study. Hong, Seung-hyeon; Jung, So-young; Oh, Hyeon-kyung; Lee, So-hyeon; Woo, Young- keun Report Jun 30, 2020 5218
Take it in your stride. KAREN ROCKETT Jun 28, 2020 1088
Take it in your stride; time to LIVE WELL. KAREN ROCKETT Jun 28, 2020 1088
That Old Picture on the Museum Wall is the World All Around Us; or, The Long Mulberry Tree. Bernard, Sean Critical essay Jun 22, 2020 1432
Brain op Sinead is a walking medical miracle.. Student hit by rare illness recovers after losing her sight and mobility. SALLY HARDING Jun 18, 2020 733
Boy, 5, who lost legs as baby set to raise [pounds sterling]500,000 for hospital that saved him; EXCLUSIVE: Brave Tony Hudgell lost his legs after horrific abuse by his birth parents is walking on his new prosthetic legs and crutches every day to reach his 10km target. By, Amy Sharpe Jun 13, 2020 495
WANDER LUST; Widow Tess is looking for love on dating apps... but has she found a new man at her Nordic walking club? PICK OF THE DAY the other oneBBC1, 9pm/ BBC 9.30pm. today's tv With Sara Wallis Jun 12, 2020 272
WANDER LUST; Widow Tess is looking for love on dating apps ... but has she found a new man at her Nordic walking club? CITY LIFE / TODAY'S TV WITH SARA WALLIS Jun 12, 2020 198
WANDER LUST; Widow Tess is looking for love on dating apps... but has she found a new man at her Nordic walking club? Jun 12, 2020 277
ADEAD man with two families [...]; Widow Tess is looking for love on dating apps... but has she found a new man at her Nordic walking club? PICK OF THE DAY the other oneBBC1, 9pm/ BBC 9.30pm. Jun 12, 2020 266
WANDER LUST; Widow Tess is looking for love on dating apps... but has she found a new man at her Nordic walking club? PICK OF THE DAY the other oneBBC1, 9pm/ BBC 9.30pm. today's tv With Sara Wallis Jun 12, 2020 263
WANDER LUST; PICK OF THE DAY the other oneBBC1, 9pm Widow Tess is looking for love on dating apps... but has she found a new man at her Nordic walking club? today's tv With Sara Wallis Jun 12, 2020 272
ADEAD man with two families [...]; Widow Tess is looking for love on dating apps... but has she found a new man at her Nordic walking club? PICK OF THE DAY the other oneBBC1, 9pm/ BBC 9.30pm. Jun 12, 2020 266
WANDER LUST; Widow Tess is looking for love on dating apps... but has she found a new man at her Nordic walking club? PICK OF THE DAY the other oneBBC1, 9pm/ BBC 9.30pm. Jun 12, 2020 266
WANDER LUST; Widow Tess is looking for love on dating apps... but has she found a new man at her Nordic walking club? PICK OF THE DAY the other oneBBC1, 9pm/ BBC 9.30pm. today's tv With Sara Wallis Jun 12, 2020 272
'Live kittens were being thrown into boiling vats of oil - we had to do something' Angela and Martin Humphrey have a combined age of 180, but that isn't stopping them walking to save animals. Jun 7, 2020 1683
Nordic Walking Increases Distal Radius Bone Mineral Content in Young Women. Kato, Takeru; Tomioka, Toru; Yamashita, Takenori; Yamamoto, Hidehiro; Sugajima, Yasuhiro; Ohnishi, N Jun 1, 2020 5637
Choose Comfortable Walking Shoes: Follow these strategies to ensure that your feet get the support they need while you get the exercise you need. Jun 1, 2020 811
Factors Predicting Falls in Parkinson's Disease: Investigation of Motor, Non-motor Findings and Different Dual Task Activities/Parkinson Hastaliginda Dusmeyi Ongorduren Faktorler: Motor ve Non-motor Bulgular ile Farkli Cift Gorev Aktivitelerinin Birlikte Incelenmesi. Tufekcioglu, Zeynep; Huseyinsinoglu, Burcu Ersoz; Zirek, Emrah; Bilgic, Basar; Gurvit, Hakan; Hanaga Clinical report Jun 1, 2020 6039
A Study on the Calculation of Platform Sizes of Urban Rail Hub Stations Based on Passenger Behavior Characteristics. Zhang, Na; Chen, Feng; Zhu, Yadi; Peng, Hui; Wang, Jianpo; Li, Yu Report Apr 30, 2020 9494
Effects of Long-Term Use of Insoles with a Toe-Grip Bar on the Balance, Walking, and Running of Preschool Children: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Nakano, Hideki; Murata, Shin; Abiko, Teppei; Mitsumaru, Nozomi; Kubo, Atsuko; Hachiya, Mizuki; Matsu Apr 30, 2020 3453
Look: The T-Rex Walking Club parades in Michigan. Compiled by Christian Borbon, Digital Content Editor Apr 28, 2020 294
Staying physically active important in COVID-19 fight: HBKU expert. Apr 27, 2020 1037
How can we stay physically active during Covid-19? Apr 27, 2020 1276
How can we stay physically active during Covid-19? Apr 26, 2020 1396
Teddy bears bring relief for children. ARAB NEWS Apr 6, 2020 991
Wearing Type of Shoes Affects Lower-Limb Muscle Fatigue and Ankle Stability in Young Female Workers. Kim, Cheol-Ung; Baek, Kyung-Wan; Yoo, Jun-Il; Kim, Ji-Seok Apr 1, 2020 2917
Grazing Cow Behavior's Association with Mild and Moderate Lameness. O'Leary, Niall W.; Byrne, Daire. T.; Garcia, Pauline; Werner, Jessica; Cabedoche, Morgan; Shalloo, L Apr 1, 2020 6338
Self-Efficacy to Engage in Physical Exercise and Walking Ability Best Predicted Exercise Adherence after Stroke. Caetano, Livia C.G.; Pacheco, Bruna D.; Samora, Giane A.R.; Teixeira-Salmela, Luci F.; Scianni, Alin Mar 31, 2020 4512
Ultrasound-Guided Transmuscular Quadratus Lumborum Block Reduces Postoperative Pain Intensity in Patients Undergoing Total Hip Arthroplasty: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial. He, Jian; Zhang, Lei; He, Wan You; Li, Dong Lin; Zheng, Xue Qin; Liu, Qi Xia; Wang, Han Bin Clinical report Mar 31, 2020 5439
How walking speed and memory might predict dementia. Mar 4, 2020 175
Optimization of Central Pattern Generator-Based Torque-Stiffness-Controlled Dynamic Bipedal Walking. Suliman, William; Albitar, Chadi; Hassan, Lama Mar 1, 2020 6515
Effectiveness of a Treadmill Training Programme in Improving the Postural Balance on Institutionalized Older Adults. Pereira, Natalia Moya; Araya, Marcel Jean Pierre Masse; Scheicher, Marcos Eduardo Mar 1, 2020 5314
Effects of Single-Task Versus Dual-Task Training on Balance Performance in Elderly Patients With Knee Osteoarthritis. Uzunkulaoglu, Aslihan; Kerim, Duygu; Ay, Saime; Ergin, Sureyya Mar 1, 2020 3707
The job was different every day, you never knew what you were walking into; pioneering paramedic looks back on his career as he retires after 42 years. CHARLOTTE DOBSON @DOBSONMEN Feb 15, 2020 697
Postoperative Length of Stay, Costs Down With Prehabilitation Program; Program includes walking and education on nutrition, smoking cessation, psychological preparation for surgery. Jan 24, 2020 236
Families furious at walking past 'dog s**t gallery' every day; "It got to the point where it was clearly a pattern". Olivia Williams Jan 16, 2020 811
Walking wounded returning to fitness but progress proving slow in hunt for recruits. Jan 11, 2020 175
The Physiological Cost Index and Some Kinematic Parameters of Walking and Jogging in Blind and Sighted Students. Karami, Honeyeh; Karami, Khodabakhsh; Khafaie, Morteza Abdullatif; Zahednejad, Shahla; Arastoo, Ali Report Jan 1, 2020 4574
Evaluating the depression status following backward walking exercise in diabetic neuropathy patients. Abdelbasset, Walid Kamal; Nambi, Gopal; Moawd, Samah Alsaid; Alrawaili, Saud Mashi; Elnegamy, Tamer Report Jan 1, 2020 2271
Walking Gait Phase Detection Based on Acceleration Signals Using Voting-Weighted Integrated Neural Network. Yan, Lei; Zhen, Tao; Kong, Jian-Lei; Wang, Lian-Ming; Zhou, Xiao-Lei Jan 1, 2020 8938
Nonadherence in Home-Based Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program for COPD Patients. Li, Yi; Qian, Hongyu; Yu, Kewei; Huang, Ying Jan 1, 2020 5492
The Therapeutic Effect of Nordic Walking on Freezing of Gait in Parkinson's Disease: A Pilot Study. Wroblewska, Agata; Gajos, Agata; Smyczynska, Urszula; Bogucki, Andrzej Jan 1, 2020 6491
A New Magic Number for Tracking Steps. Jan 1, 2020 652
Walk This Way. Jan 1, 2020 673
Prediction of the Spinal Musculoskeletal Loadings during Level Walking and Stair Climbing after Two Types of Simulated Interventions in Patients with Lumbar Disc Herniation. Kuai, Shengzheng; Guan, Xinyu; Liu, Weiqiang; Ji, Run; Xiong, Jianyi; Wang, Daping; Zhou, Wenyu Dec 31, 2019 4390
Predictive Factors of Concerns about Falling in People with Parkinson's Disease: A 3-Year Longitudinal Study. Lindh-Rengifo, Magnus; Jonasson, Stina B.; Mattsson, Niklas; Ullen, Susann; Nilsson, Maria H. Clinical report Dec 31, 2019 6982
Walking, cycling may be good for your heart. Dec 24, 2019 508
Walking, cycling may be good for your heart. Dec 23, 2019 446
Walking and cycling to work linked to fewer heart attacks. Dec 19, 2019 504
Comparison of the effectiveness of partial body weight-supported treadmill exercises, robotic-assisted treadmill exercises, and anti-gravity treadmill exercises in spastic cerebral palsy. Aras, Berke; Yasar, Evren; Kesikburun, Serdar; Turker, Duygu; Tok, Fatih; Yilmaz, Bilge Dec 1, 2019 6017
Early improvement in physical activity and function after total hip arthroplasty: Predictors of outcomes. Guler, Tuba; Sivas, Filiz; Yurdakul, Fatma Gul; Celen, Ersin; Utkan, Ali; Baskan, Bedriye; Bodur, Ha Dec 1, 2019 6060
Effects of Progressive Walking and Stair-Climbing Training Program on Muscle Size and Strength of the Lower Body in Untrained Older Adults. Ozaki, Hayao; Nakagata, Takashi; Yoshihara, Toshinori; Kitada, Tomoharu; Natsume, Toshiharu; Ishihar Dec 1, 2019 4428
Gait Profile of K-pop Art Player Measured with a Shoe-Type Inertia Measurement Device during Treadmill Walking. Yoo, Jun-Il; Baek, Kyung-Wan; Kim, Ji-Seok Dec 1, 2019 3012
Observational Gait Assessment Scales in Patients with Walking Disorders: Systematic Review. Ridao-Fernandez, Carmen; Pinero-Pinto, Elena; Chamorro-Moriana, Gema Nov 30, 2019 8410
Comparison of Clinical and Biomechanical Outcomes between Partial Fibulectomy and Drug Conservative Treatment for Medial Knee Osteoarthritis. Chen, Guo; Xu, Bin; Xie, Jinwei; Nie, Yong; Tang, Shuo; Ma, Jun; Huang, Qiang; Zhou, Zongke; Shen, B Clinical report Nov 30, 2019 6167
Nordic walking even better for you when done with two poles. Nov 22, 2019 208
"I walked back to wellness". Nov 22, 2019 572
Schoolgirl walking home followed by three masked men; silver van sped off after shock incident. JENNY KIRKHAM and OLIVIA TOBIN ECHO Reporters Nov 15, 2019 360
Poorer Neighborhood Walkability May Increase Cardiovascular Risk; People in less walkable areas up to 33 percent more likely to have a high 10-year cardiovascular risk. Nov 7, 2019 215
Brian Sloan: Take a huge stride towards fitness with walking sports. Nov 6, 2019 856
AHA News: Your Neighborhood's Walkability May Be A Trick-Or-Treat For Your Heart All Year. Oct 31, 2019 677
Rate of Progression in Activity and Participation Outcomes in Exercisers with Parkinson's Disease: A Five-Year Prospective Longitudinal Study. Miller, Stephanie A.; Mayol, Mindy; Moore, Elizabeth S.; Heron, Audra; Nicholos, Victoria; Ragano, B Clinical report Oct 31, 2019 6520
Effects of Ankle Joint Motion on Pelvis-Hip Biomechanics and Muscle Activity Patterns of Healthy Individuals in Knee Immobilization Gait. Guan, Xinyu; Kuai, Shengzheng; Song, Liang; Liu, Weifeng; Liu, Yali; Ji, Linhong; Wang, Rencheng Oct 31, 2019 4835
No age bar on sweating it out: 'Keep walking, don't be a couch potato'. Bikram Vohra Oct 22, 2019 802
Ditch the car and walk to work. Oct 21, 2019 779
Walking netball introduced in city for first time; netball. Oct 17, 2019 372
Fast-Walking 45-Year-Olds Live Longer Than Slow Walkers. Johnny Vatican Oct 16, 2019 582
Slow Walker At 45? You Could Have An Aging Brain and Body. Diane Galistan Oct 16, 2019 367
Science says that how fast you walk could be a good indicator of how smart you are; In fact, walking speed tests could be used to predict dementia. Ellie McKinnell Oct 13, 2019 285
Slower Walkers Have Older Brains and Bodies at 45. Oct 12, 2019 642
How Fast You Walk Might Show How Fast You're Aging. Dennis Thompson, HealthDay Reporter Oct 11, 2019 826
Walking might be all you need. Oct 7, 2019 564
Comparison of Open Reduction Alone and Open Reduction Plus Pemberton Osteotomy Techniques in the Treatment of Developmental Hip Dysplasia at Walking Age. Yilar, Sinan; Toy, Serdar; Kose, Mehmet; Tuncer, Kutsi; Ezirmik, Naci; Aydin, Ali; Kasali, Kamber Clinical report Oct 1, 2019 3299
Intermittent Claudication in Physiotherapists' Practice. Spannbauer, Anna; Chwala, Maciej; Ridan, Tomasz; Berwecki, Arkadiusz; Mika, Piotr; Kulik, Anita; Ber Sep 30, 2019 7691
Walking Pace May Signal If Stroke Patients Can Return to Work. Report Sep 26, 2019 369
[INTERVIEW] Seoul walking tour shows city's 'true self'. Sep 25, 2019 1221
Stride out and try Nordic walking. Sep 11, 2019 330
New Prosthetic Leg Can Feel Touch, Reduce 'Phantom Limb' Pain. Sep 9, 2019 665
Daily Walking among Commuters: A Cross-Sectional Study of Associations with Residential, Work, and Regional Accessibility in Melbourne, Australia (2012-2014). Barr, Alison; Simons, Koen; Mavoa, Suzanne; Badland, Hannah; Giles-Corti, Billie; Scheurer, Jan; Kor Sep 1, 2019 13613
Correlates of Walking for Travel in Seven European Cities: The PASTA Project. Gascon, Mireia; Gotschi, Thomas; de Nazelle, Audrey; Gracia, Esther; Ambros, Albert; Marquez, Sandra Sep 1, 2019 16589
WALKING IN PARKINSON'S DISEASE. Any, Docu Axelerad; Daniel, Docu Axelerad; Silviu, Docu Axelerad; Zorina, Stroe Alina Report Sep 1, 2019 3577
Objective and Subjective Assessment of Physical Activity in Adults with Muscle Diseases/Eriskin Kas Hastalarinda Fiziksel Aktivitenin Objektif ve Subjektif Degerlendirmesi. Ayvat, Fatma; Ayvat, Ender; Kilinc, Ozge Onursal; Kilinc, Muhammed; Yildirim, Sibel Aksu; Tan, Ersin Sep 1, 2019 4133
Design and Analysis of a Clutched Parallel Elastic Actuator. Penzlin, Bernhard; Fincan, Mustafa Enes; Li, Yinbo; Ji, Linhong; Leonhardt, Steffen; Ngo, Chuong Sep 1, 2019 6614
Long-Term Effects of Balance Training on Habitual Physical Activity in Older Adults with Parkinson's Disease. Nero, Hakan; Franzen, Erika; Stahle, Agneta; Wallen, Martin Benka; Hagstromer, Maria Aug 31, 2019 6875
Ageing? Find out the science at festival; Art, singing, walking football and yoga on offer at free event. Aug 31, 2019 331
High-Intensity Training Improves Walking in Stroke Survivors; High-intensity training results in better gains in walking speeds, distance than low-intensity training. Aug 29, 2019 223
Dogs welcome on charity ramble; Pull on walking boots for hospice. Aug 28, 2019 347
Dogs welcome on charity ramble; Pull on walking boots for hospice. Aug 28, 2019 321
Push Stroke Patients Harder for Better Gains in Walking: Study. Report Aug 22, 2019 376
Breast Cancer Patients May Benefit From Nordic Walking, Study Says. Aug 19, 2019 468
Speed Stroke Recovery With Exercise. Aug 14, 2019 429
London power cut: Video shows passengers walking on train tracks after being evacuated; This is something you wouldn't normally see! Aug 10, 2019 267
Robotic Cane Improves Stability in Walking. Aug 7, 2019 651
You May Not Need to Aim for 10,000 Steps Per Day. Jul 27, 2019 160
Slower walking speed may be indication of future health issue. Jul 24, 2019 512
Blink Identity Wins City Startup Challenge in Manchester, England. Jul 17, 2019 298
Nordic walking; DR MIRIAM STOPPARD; Helping to keep you fit and healthy; 60 SECONDS ON ON. Jul 12, 2019 186
Nordic walking; Helping to keep you fit and healthy; 60 SECONDS ON. Jul 12, 2019 185
Nordic walking. Jul 12, 2019 186
Why We Walk: Nga zhichige Nibi onji--We do it for the water. Jun 22, 2019 2492
Killer dog warning at Swansea beauty spot after puppy is killed; Dog walkers are being warned to keep a look out for a middle-aged man walking a husky or German Shepherd type dog and to stay well clear of them. Jun 11, 2019 536
Walk Your Way to Better Health: Follow these steps to develop a safe and effective walking regimen. Jun 1, 2019 1355
The Effect of Prolonged Walking With Intermittent Standing on Erector Spinae and Soleus Muscle Oxygenation and Discomfort. Chambers, April J.; Haney, Justin M; Huppert, Theodore; Redfern, Mark S. Jun 1, 2019 5374
Fourier-Based Footfall Placement Variability in Parkinson's Disease. Shin, Sunghoon; Lim, Bee-oh; Socie, Michael J.; Sosonff, Jacob J.; Lee, Ki-Kwang May 31, 2019 4798
Falkirk nominated in top ten of Britain's Best Walking Neighbourhood poll. May 28, 2019 232
Area up for walks gong. May 28, 2019 114
Get your walking shoes for festival; E&S BRIEFING. May 27, 2019 246
WEBSITE OF THE WEEK; DR MIRIAM STOPPARD; Helping to keep you fit and healthy. May 24, 2019 114
Life expectancy linked to a person's walking speed: Study. May 16, 2019 309
Nordic walkers stepping out for charity and glory. May 9, 2019 354
Danielle's walking tall as 130 sign up for a stroll. May 7, 2019 323
The Use of Contingent Acoustical Feedback to Decrease Toe Walking in a Child with Autism. Hodges, Ansley C.; Betz, Alison M.; Wilder, David A.; Antia, Kristen Report May 1, 2019 3513
Decreasing Toe Walking with Differential Reinforcement of Other Behavior, Verbal Rules, and Feedback. Hirst, Erica S. Jowett; Lockenour, Falyn M.; Allen, Jamie L. Report May 1, 2019 5359
The Importance of Place: Neighborhood Amenities as a Source of Social Connection and Trust. Cox, Daniel A.; Streeter, Ryan May 1, 2019 6007
5 Questions with Erling Kagge. Tassi, Alma May 1, 2019 440
VR Locomotion in the New Era of Virtual Reality: An Empirical Comparison of Prevalent Techniques. Boletsis, Costas; Cedergren, Jarl Erik Apr 30, 2019 10609
Effects of Knee Osteoarthritis on Hip and Ankle Gait Mechanics. Ro, Du Hyun; Lee, Joonhee; Lee, Jangyun; Park, Jae-Young; Han, Hyuk-Soo; Lee, Myung Chul Apr 30, 2019 3658
Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Nordic Walking Training in Improving the Gait of Persons with Down Syndrome. Skiba, Agnieszka; Marchewka, Jakub; Skiba, Amadeusz; Podsiadlo, Szymon; Sulowska, Iwona; Chwala, Wie Apr 30, 2019 6447
Do the walk of life; National Walking Month is best time to start new hobby and reap all the health benefits of keeping fit in the great outdoors. Apr 28, 2019 823
Diversity of floor plans appeals to homebuyers at Elburn Station -BYLN- Advertiser generated content Submitted by Shodeen Homes. Apr 19, 2019 466
Acute bilateral foot drop in a chronic alcoholic patient. Bahtiyarca, Zeynep Tuba; Karaahmet, Ozgur Zeliha; Ates, Mehlika Panpalli; Unal, Zeynep Kirac; Cakci, Mar 1, 2019 2545
The Elevate: The legs can handle 'both mammalian and reptilian walking gaits'. Mar 1, 2019 534
Worksite Built Environment and Objectively Measured Physical Activity While at Work: An Analysis Using Perceived and Objective Walkability and Greenness. Marquet, Oriol; Hipp, Aaron J. Report Feb 28, 2019 4501
Vigorous Walking Just Got Easier to Track. Feb 3, 2019 661
Got Knee Arthritis? Take a Walk! Regular walking may help you stave off knee replacement surgery. Jan 16, 2019 917
NASA astronaut relearns to walk after six months in space. Dec 29, 2018 374
Learning to Walk Again. Sanders, Mark (American poet) Poem Dec 22, 2018 381
Head teacher on how old a child should be before walking home from school alone; When is the right age to let your kids walk to school alone? Dec 7, 2018 385
AC Hotels by Marriott brands debuts in Middle East and Africa. Dec 5, 2018 411
Walking my way to a speed detox. Dec 3, 2018 637
NEWS BRIEFS. Report Dec 1, 2018 709
Pensioner fighting for life after being battered to the ground while walking home; The victim, who is aged in his 70s, was with his son when they were approached by a man at 2.30am in Tayefen Road, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. Nov 24, 2018 282
Discerning the contribution of balance and mobility to ambulatory activity in community-dwelling octogenarians: A preliminary report. Lord, Sue; Isbey, Olivia; Del-Din, Silvia; Rochester, Lynn; Taylor, Lynne Report Nov 1, 2018 4259
The Walking Dead actor Scott Wilson dies aged 76; The US actor was best known for his role as Hershel Greene in the zombie series. Oct 8, 2018 254
What Your Walk Says About You: Your steps, and the speed of them, can help assess your health. Oct 1, 2018 621
WHY I CARE: Maria Haber promotes walking with her downtown Sarasota mobility map. Denton, Ilene Oct 1, 2018 231
Elgin students to offer walking tour of city's historic black neighborhood. Sep 26, 2018 310
WALKING VS. RUNNING: Is One Healthier than the Other? Sep 22, 2018 963
How to turn your walk into a workout. Sep 13, 2018 805
Effect of insoles with arch support on gait pattern in patients with multiple sclerosis. Guner, Senem; Haghari, Sema; Alsancak, Serap; Ulug, Naime; Inanici, Fatma Clinical report Sep 1, 2018 4066
Does Kinesiology Taping Improve Muscle Strength and Function in Knee Osteoarthritis? A Single-Blind, Randomized and Controlled Study. Ogut, Halil; Guler, Hayal; Yildizgoren, Mustafa Turgut; Velioglu, Onur; Turhanoglu, Ayse Dicle Clinical report Sep 1, 2018 5347
Mum who beat postnatal depression by power-walking her sons in triple buggy is now BODYBUILDING champ; Jo Barrett, 39, from Taunton, insists she was saved by fitness and has become a European champion bodybuilder. Aug 8, 2018 1079
Walk briskly, about 100 steps a minute. Jul 18, 2018 901
EFFECTS OF SUDARSHAN KRIYA ON STRESS REDUCTION IN GENERAL POPULATION. Patil, Rajeshree Tukaram; Patil, Rajendra Tukaram; Ughade, Suresh Narayanrao; Hatwar, Manjusha Sures Report Jul 16, 2018 3987
The Art of the Stroll: Traversing the sidewalk enables us to look and see.'. Olmstead, Gracy Jul 1, 2018 2675
Correlates of the Built Environment and Active Travel: Evidence from 20 US Metropolitan Areas. Le, Huyen T.K.; Buehler, Ralph; Hankey, Steve Report Jul 1, 2018 11586
Evaluation of NU-FlexSIV Socket Performance for Military Service Members with Transfemoral Amputation. Brown, Starr E.; Esposito, Elizabeth Russell; Ikeda, Andrea J.; Wilken, Jason M.; Fatone, Stefania Jul 1, 2018 5797
First route for Nordic walking lovers in Humenne. Jun 21, 2018 202
Coloured walking frames boost mobility. Jun 6, 2018 302
Respiratory exchange ratio in aerobic exercise on treadmill versus cycle ergometer at similar perceived exertion. Sharma, Priyanka; Tiwari, Sunita; Verma, Dileep; Agarwal, Mayank Report Jun 1, 2018 3965
Analysis of Balance, Muscle Strength, Functional Autonomy, and Quality of Life in Elderly Women Submitted to a Strength and Walking Program. Vale, Rodrigo G.S.; Castro, Juliana Brandao P.; da Silva Mattos, Rafael; Rodrigues, Vanessa F.; de O Report Jun 1, 2018 5361
Observational Gait Analysis: A Visual Guide (online access included). Book review Jun 1, 2018 141
Walk and chew gum, it may keep you thin: study. May 26, 2018 382
The Nordic walker with the best technique in the world is Slovak. May 25, 2018 570
SPEEd, FDCP to screen 'Birdshot' and 'Deadma Walking'. May 23, 2018 228
Starting Exercise Even in Older Age Cuts Heart Failure Risk; Benefit seen from approximately 30 minutes of brisk walking four times per week. May 21, 2018 236
Be in pole position; NORDIC WALKING Fancy an all-over workout that burns 46 per cent more calories than ordinary walking and is great for your posture and mental health? Grab your poles and set off on Nordic Walking. May 20, 2018 645
Slower walking can lead to dementia: Study. May 11, 2018 357
Slower walking can lead to dementia: Study. May 11, 2018 313
This technique can improve stroke patients' walking speed. May 10, 2018 305
Low Neighborhood Walkability Increases Risk of Asthma in Kids; Findings among children for both incident asthma and ongoing asthma. May 4, 2018 204
A Longitudinal Study Examining Changes in Street Connectivity, Land Use, and Density of Dwellings and Walking for Transport in Brisbane, Australia. Bentley, Rebecca; Blakely, Tony; Kavanagh, Anne; Aitken, Zoe; King, Tania; McElwee, Paul; Giles-Cort Clinical report May 1, 2018 8731
Physical frailty linked to risk of falls in older people with HIV. May 1, 2018 1535
Unsteady walking as a symptom in type 2 diabetes mellitus: independent association with depression and sedentary lifestyle and no association with diabetic neuropathy. Dias, L.S.; Nienov, O.H.; Neto, C.F. Goelzer; Schmid, H. Report May 1, 2018 4839
Heart patients who walk faster hospitalized less. Apr 23, 2018 409
Walking and cycling can be alternative forms of mobility in Dubai, says expert. Apr 23, 2018 412
Bone Density and Functional Autonomy in Post-Menopausal Women Submitted to Adapted Capoeira Exercises and Walking. Jati, Schneyder R.; Borba-Pinheiro, Claudio J.; Vale, Rodrigo G.S.; Batista, Adnelson J.; Pernambuco Report Apr 1, 2018 4381
Association between sociodemographic and health factors and the practice of walking in a rural area. Bicalho, Paula Goncalves; Gea-Horta, Tatiane; Moreira, Alexandra Dias; Gazzinelli, Andrea; Velasquez Apr 1, 2018 5492
Slow walking speed in elderly may signal dementia risk. Mar 26, 2018 291
Slower walking can lead to Dementia-Study. Mar 24, 2018 370
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Winter boots are made for walking; going out Get out and about on a fun rambling festival. Dec 20, 2017 241
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