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Walking with their heads in the clouds; DAILY POST OUR VIEW.

THE first signs of Spring sunshine inevitably bring a sharp and welcome increase in the numbers of visitors to the natural beauty spots of North Wales.

What is far less welcome is the number who are drawn to the mountains of Snowdonia, apparently with such a sense of urgency that they leave their common sense at home.

We have reported many times on the extraordinary levels of foolishness which lead ill-equipped walkers to take to the hills, sparking expensive and potentially risky mountain rescue operations.

But rarely have we witnessed such stark evidence of foolishness as the video captured by mountain safety campaigner Andy Luke, which you can see on our website today.

A group of walkers set off from a car park on Sunday dressed for a stroll in the sunshine, one of them wearing shorts and another with a dog on a football scarf "lead".

By the time they had reached the snow-covered point high on the Pyg track where two women fell more than 300 feet in separate accidents last week, it should have been obvious to a child that it was not safe to continue.

Happily, despite a number of stumbles and slips captured on Mr Luke's video, none of this group came to grief, an outcome which owes far more to luck than to judgement.

Every year the experts warn of the perils of taking to the mountains without the proper equipment or training, and every year the warnings go unheeded.

Nobody begrudges people the opportunity to enjoy our breathtaking hills - but failing to observe the most rudimentary rules of safety is as stupid as it is dangerous.
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Publication:Daily Post (Conwy, Wales)
Article Type:Editorial
Date:Mar 11, 2014
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