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Walking with Alice.

Field Pack Frame

The frame is used to carry a field pack, or, when used with a cargo support shelf, to carry water cans, medical supplies, ammunition cases or other large items.

Belt, Suspenders, Carriers

The belt and suspenders support carriers for ammo, field dressing, compass, canteen and entrenching tool.

Replace sliding belt keepers with NSN 5340-00-753-5581, the female belt fastener with NSN 8315-01-287-0604 and the male fastener with NSN 8315-01-287-0603.

The suspenders strap fastener loop comes with NSN 5340-01-062-6751.

Replace "keepers with slide" on the small arms ammo case, the first aid/compass case, the canteen cover and the entrenching tool carrier with NSN 5340-00-753-5580.
Item NSN 8465-

Field pack frame with straps 01-073-8326
Right-hand shoulder strap 01-478-3009
 with quick release
Left hand shoulder strap 01-478-3013
 with quick release
Waist strap 01-075-8164
 with lower back pad
Lower back strap 01-151-2891
 with buckle
Cargo support shelf 00-001-6476

Item NSN 8465-

Suspenders 00-001-6471
Belt (large) 01-322-1966
Belt (medium) 01-322-1965
Entrenching tool carrier 00-001-6474
First aid/compass case 00-935-6814
Canteen cover 00-860-0256
Small arms ammo case 00-001-6482
Field pack (medium, without liners)
Field pack (large, without liners) 01-019-9103
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