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Walking for your life; announcing a new feature for Sunset.

Walking for Your Life [TM]

Announcing a new feature for Sunset

Health and fitness experts espouse numerous benefits of walking. To help our readers enjoy those benefits, in this issue of Sunset we begin a new feature called Walking for Your Life. It will appear periodically in our pages, and in it we will describe walks that we find especially rewarding. We plan to include walks through cities and suburban areas, along beaches, and into the hills and mountains. Supplying information about walks and day hikes has been a big part of Sunset for many years. A look at the issues from January 1989 through this month reveals about two dozen walking-hiking articles in our North, Central, and South editions, and 14 in the Desert edition. This month, we ask those of you who enjoy walking to help us by responding to some or all of the following questions: 1. How often do you walk, at a reasonably brisk pace, just for the exercise? (Strolling and window-shopping don't count.) 2. About what distance or range of distances do you cover in your walks? 3. How do you judge and set your pace? 4. Do you have a favorite walk that you'd like to share with Sunset readers? 5. Do you prefer to walk on pavement or on bare ground? Please explain. 6. What, if any, distinction do you make between walking for exercise and day-hiking? 7. What kind of clothing and footwear do you wear when walking? What kind don't you like to wear? Please explain.

PHOTO : Striding past our headquarters in Menlo Park, California, Sunset employees join a

PHOTO : lunchtime walk. (Staff also uses our fitness center and Parcourse.) Pages below are a

PHOTO : sample of the many walking opportunities we've reported in recent years
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Title Annotation:benefits of walking
Date:Apr 1, 1990
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