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Walker sight in.

In the July 2014 Reader Forum, Garry Moore asked about his Walker Colt that shoots about a foot high at 30 yards. I made a jig to soft solder shims on the top of Colt Clones to regulate elevation. After all, the front sight is brazed or silver soldered on, so soft soldering a shim on will not loosen the front sight. I open up my rear sight notch with a 3/32" carbide end mill. A 5/64" might also work, but I found that to be a bit small for my eyes. Use a center finder to find the center of the original "V" notch.. Then, if I need to slightly correct for windage, I soft solder a shim on the appropriate side. Yes, it does work for 68 year old eyes. Brownells has a jig for soldering on front sight ramps but I made my own.

Walker clones are a bit different. As far as the rear sight notch in the hammer is concerned, you can open that up with a three-corner file but, as the hammer is case-hardened, your file might be toast and maybe before you are done. However, this can be done.

Elevating the front sight is easy. My buddy did that with his Walker clone using a metal repair and patching compound called Lab Metal. Brownells has a number of products, such as Steel Bed or even Acraglas gel.

Check out and look for Loctite Fixmaster Metal Magic Steel epoxy stick or Loctite Fixmaster Steel Putty. You want a gel, although a liquid can be used but not as easily. Obviously, after elevating the front sight you will need to color it. Black Magic Markers work.

You can even use these materials to change windage, but just a bit. If you open up your rear sight notch just a bit, you can add one of those products to whatever side you need to slightly correct for windage.

As an aside, I got a .32-20 Colt clone from the same guy who has the Walker clone. He re-made the front sight with some sort of Acraglas-like epoxy and it has held up for many years, shooting to point of aim, something that .32-20 Colt clones do not usually do. Perhaps an American Gunsmith contributor will expand on this further.

Bill Mende

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