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Walgreens, B+L unveil SightSense.

DEERFIELD, Ill. -- Walgreen Co. has joined with Bausch + Lomb for an online and in-store patient education program to heighten eye health awareness and encourage consumers to take proactive steps to protect and preserve their sight.

The SightSense program features a special section on that provides tools, information and resources to help consumers become informed and proactive in their eye health. These include a video that illustrates the connection between ocular health and overall wellness, as well as an eye health assessment test to screen for common problems. The website also provides an eye care professional locator for consumers to find an eye doctor near them, as well as a list of upcoming in-store events.

Walgreens and Bausch + Lomb have collectively been focused on improving consumer health for more than 270 years, said Dr. Robert London, the chain's national medical director. "By raising awareness of eye health as an integral part of a consumer's overall preventive care plan, we further enrich the wellness experience available to and accessible for our customers."

Bausch + Lomb chief medical officer Dr. Calvin Roberts said the company "is excited to work with Walgreens to put eye health information within easy reach of consumers, which we hope will motivate more people to take better care of their eyes.

"We know that more than 80% of visual impairment is preventable, which makes it that much more important to elevate eye health awareness among consumers. Through the SightSense program we have an opportunity to do just that, and ultimately help people preserve and protect their most treasured sense, as well as improve their overall health."

In 2013 SightSense in-store events will be held in some 10 cities across the country, including Chicago, Los Angeles and Miami.

The events will feature educational forums led by eye health professionals, as well as eye screenings for common problems. In addition, brochures on eye health will be available at all Walgreens stores beginning in July.

Through both the online and in-store components of SightSense, consumers will be encouraged to get regular eye exams from their local eye care professionals, a key step to maintaining healthy eyes and preventing other health-related issues.

Routine eye exams also can lead to better treatment and prevention of other diseases. The eyes are the one organ where a patient's arteries and veins can be seen, allowing eye care professionals to detect early signs of more than 150 diseases (including diabetes, high cholesterol and hypertension) years before patients display other symptoms.

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Publication:Chain Drug Review
Date:Apr 8, 2013
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