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Wales tied to the coat tails of England; LETTERS.

THE letter from J Jones, Wrexham (9/9) refers, in a geographical sense, to "having just returned from travelling in Europe".

Wales is part of Europe as we lie on the European continental shelf. Geography also means that any form of Brexit will be very painful.

You mention that the people you met in several countries were more concerned with living standards and employment than "nationalism" as you put it. I have news for you - most of these people already live in independent multi-lingual European countries which is very much the norm.

This "small country" of ours is bigger than many of those countries and our main handicap is that we are still tied to the coat tails of England which has resulted in us becoming one of the poorest countries in the whole continent.

Yes, and this is where I agree with you, our priority in Wales also is living standards and employment as the bedrock of an equal and fair society. It is clear to many on both sides of the argument by now that Brexit will not deliver this.

The UK is already a very unequal society. An increasing number of us in Wales have come to the conclusion that we must join the family of European nations on equal terms along with England, Scotland and a re-united Ireland. The so-called "home nations" can then be a true partnership of independent countries on a similar model to the Scandinavians and the Benelux Low Countries.

These "small" countries are the most prosperous and equal in Europe. The challenge is to persuade all who live here in Wales that this is the way forward and not to remain part of a rump England and Wales state cast into the Atlantic Ocean!

John M Rowlands via email

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Publication:Daily Post (Conwy, Wales)
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Date:Sep 11, 2019
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