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Waldorf kindergartens in Eastern Europe.

At a recent meeting of the International Waldorf Kindergarten Association Board in Stuttgart, reports were given of the founding of many Waldorf kindergartens and training programs in eastern Europe. Within the former East Germany, nine schools have opened, and there are now training programs offered in Leipzig, Weimar and Dresden, and Berlin has two seminars, one of which meets on weekends and serves a wider geographical area. Workshops are being offered in Leningrad and in Tiblisi, and schools have opened in Estonia and in Romania. Kindergartens exist in Yugoslavia, and a kindergarten and school have been founded in Budapest, as well as a training program. The newly founded kindergarten training in Vienna includes teachers from Hungary, Prague, Poland and Yugoslavia.

All of the reports stressed the courage and dedication which surrounds these new initiatives. Compared to the Waldorf endeavors in Western Europe, many of the new initiatives may seem weak at first, but it was stressed that they must be measured against a different standard. In total, hundreds of people from eastern Europe are currently studying Waldorf education in their own seminars or those in western Europe. A new wave of education is rolling through these recently liberated lands, and one will see the impact of it in years to come.
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Date:Mar 22, 1991
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