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Byline: V Johnson, Shirley

THE worst time of the year begins now. For starters we have the awful celebration of Halloween upon us (an imported celebration from America) then we have the dreadful fireworks celebrating Bonfire Night, which are an absolute pain.

They go on forever and they make sleep impossible as well as scaring the poor animals to death. I applaud supermarket chain Sainsbury's for banning the sale of them this year. If people feel it necessary to watch these awful fireworks then they should be at proper displays and for one day only. To finish off there is Christmas to get through. Another boring and overrated celebration, in my opinion. I would quite like to just go to sleep for three months and wake up again on January 1. I dislike this time of year intently.

Bah humbug! V Johnson, Shirley

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Author:V Johnson, Shirley
Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Oct 24, 2019
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