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Waiting For The Next 'Master Stroke'!

India, Feb. 13 -- "To break the grip of corruption and black money, we have decided that the 500 rupee and 1,000 rupee currency notes presently in use will no longer be legal tender from midnight tonight, that is 8th November 2016.....The rights and the interests of honest, hard-working people will be fully protected.....This step will strengthen the hands of the common man in the fight against corruption, black money and fake currency."

This is what Modiji had stated while announcing the operation demonetisation. It is another matter that this 'operation' seemed to have achieved nothing concrete. However it did bring quite unbearable hardships to "honest and hardworking" common people.

Thankfully Modiji accepted this and assured the public that things would be normal by fifty or so days. Though nothing changed much even after that fifty day deadline.

Meanwhile Modiji also announced that "demonetisation is the first step to curb black money and corruption".

May be because of the failure of the first step the next step is nowhere in sight. This reminds me of an interesting anecdote.

A middle aged single person used to work as a guard in some small business house in Shimla, capital of a northern hill state Himachal Pradesh. He had rented a small room on the first floor of an equally small house. To the utter dismay of the landlord and his small family every night the drunk tenant would return to his room rather late. What was most irritating was the fact that while climbing the stairs he would make loud thuds on wooden steps and floor, with his heavy leather shoes. As if this was not enough to disturb the sleep of the family while removing his shoes he would throw them, one by one, with a still louder thud!

After a few days of patient watch, hoping that the nuisance would stop with time, one day the landlord ultimately talked to his tenant and made a humble request to stop this. The tenant felt very sorry and was apologetic about this as he did all this unknowingly, and promised not to repeat this.

But lo, on his return that night he made the same mistake again, habitually. However, after he threw his first shoe with a loud thud, he remembered his promise, and put down the second piece of shoe carefully without making any noise.

After an hour or so, at the dead of the night, he got a knock on his door. On asking who was at the door, he got this reply from his landlord: "Sir, when will you throw the second piece, we are waiting so to have a sleep after that!"

Modiji we too are waiting, similarly, for your second throw, though with fingers crossed.

No matter even if it might be more painful than the previous one. For, your first deadly shot has prepared us well. Now we have become used to even those pains we had forgotten long ago, but seemingly would last at least for a couple of years more.

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Publication:Indian Currents
Date:Feb 13, 2017
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